Thursday, May 23, 2013

Whirlwind - Week 1

WOW! I seriously feel like this computer is about to explode in the amount of time it gives me, so sorry if I didn't get to write you guys all that much! I was blown aways about how many e-mails I got and overwhelmed with the love and appreciation I feel! Thank you so much! I love to hear about the updates of your lives, it means a lot.

Companion: I love her so much! Her name is Sister Gorniak and she is from Tasmania, Australia! Lauren Ockey only can appreciate how excited I was to find out that my companion was Australian. And she is just full of love, jokes, and sweetness. I love how much we laugh and her accent is the best! My roommates are also Sister Su from Taiwan and Sister Cowley from Arizona (Rosie Card you must be dying right now because of the connection) They feel like my companions too because we do everything together too! They are the best and we just crackup at meals and in our rooms. I am trying to acquire an Aussie accent as well as a British one.

MTC: Is awesome! So there are 64 of us that arrived on Thursday, we are from all over the world and are either going to the London or London south mission. Probably 2/3 are elders and the rest of us our sisters. oh and Jeff there is an Elder Rodriguez from the DR who said he was in your mission and recognized you. The food is great, and it was such a miracle that I didn't have any problems adjusting to time! I'm learning and studying so much like on accelerated speed! All the elders are so nice and seem so young to me. My teachers are legit. Sister Willis and Brother Carr are from England and are hilarious and teach so powerfully with the spirit! Sister Willis served in Temple Square and Brother Carr served in my mission.

England: Is so pretty and green and everything you imagine it to be, but I was not prepared how cold it is. I am in for a real treat if this is only May. The Preston temple and its grounds remind you of an English garden and I was dying with the green ivy arches! I relate everything to Harry Potter and felt like I was in the maze in HP4.

Spiritual: The things I am learning and teaching to others are things I have known my whole life, but I finally have trust and confidence in the spirit to guide what I need to say. An MTC Devotional by Bednar is exactly what I needed to hear the answer to. It was is it the spirit or is it me? His answer: Quit worrying about it! Go to work and press forward in Jesus Christ. be good boys and girls and you will do things without knowing that it is the spirit. he went on to tell some awesome stories, but it is what I think I needed and we all need to know. We worry about things we shouldn't worry about when we should just focus on the gospel and keep moving. The spirit will be there. I have such a testimony of this as I have been here in the MTC. As I have focused on studying on the gospel of Jesus Christ, you are directed to have to Holy Ghost. I was scared about teaching, but as we have met with investigators the Spirit is there and I feel like my words are His. I cannot wait to get out into the mission field on Tuesday! The MTC is great, but I'm ready to do His work because it is what everyone needs to hear. Everyone needs to feel the love of Christ and I'm stoked!

Okay sorry I feel like a mad woman right now, and I don't know if I am making sense and this e-mail is missing A LOT of things. The MTC is a whirlwind, but I have to go! Ahhhhh! Okay I love you all so much!

Sister McLeod

Sister Su, My companion, Sister Gorniak, Sister Cowley, and I

This one is for you Rosie Card! {Me and Sister Cowley}

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