Monday, June 17, 2013


Miracles: What is a miracle? The natural result of the correct application of true principles.
I learned this at the MTC {Missionary Training Center}, and I have loved applying it and seeing it on my mission. I think we tend to think of miracles as Jesus-status healings, but when you stop and look at your day, you see the Lord is involved in the tiny nuances as we are striving to live the gospel. Whether it is seeing someone three times in one day to finally talk the third time and to realize they are interested in learning more or missing the bus to find some lady who needs your help or finally finding your bus pass after you say a little prayer, God gives us so many miracles! Everytime my companion and I go to bed, we talk about 3 of them we have seen that day and that is only a fraction of them. I invite you to take a step back from your busy day and see the miracles. As you recognize them, you become so much happier.

#26: One huge miracle I saw this week was when we were headed to teach. For the first time since I have been out, I felt like we should stop at this one specific door. It wasn't this huge overwhleming voice, but just a simple thought, hey we should knock on this house. We knocked and met Patricia. At first we thought she was mad because we woke her up, but as we started talking she was so thankful we had stopped by and as I said something about knowing that Jeusus is our Savior she just hugged me. You don't know how much that hug meant to me. I seriously was about to cry as she hugged me because I knew the Holy Ghost had prompted us to stop at this door and meet this lovely lady. It was all meant to be, and I was thankful for that moment where my will and the Lord's will were alligned to knock on #26. That is our goal everyday and when that happens, missionary work becomes easier and much more enjoyable. Our mission president is all about teaching as we find which means sharing 2 principles, a prayer, and hopefully a return appointment as we are meeting people on the street or in their house or anywhere. He believes it will increase the effectiveness of missionary work, and I believe it too because we have seen so much success. It gives you especially more purpose as you are tracting. When you just start teaching the true doctrine people automatically start learning and if they shut the door or dismiss you, at least you know that they learned maybe one thing.

          This is the lethal pasty {picture below}
Funny/Kinda Gross Story: So on P-day {Preparation Day} last week I bought my first pasty {Yes, that's what they call a type of pastry} which is like a bread filled thing of potatoes and steak and veggies and what not. Seems 
innocent, but never again will I eat a lethal pasty. Well later on when p-day ended we were headed to give service to wash windows for a lady, but I was not feeling good whatsoever. Sister Barker was washing the windows and I just sat there concentrating on not throwing up. As we were heading to clean the front windows through her house, my stomach could not take it any longer and I ran for the door, but unfortunately I did not make it. And while this is happening my comanion is holding back the lady's giant monster of a dog who is barking uncontrollably. It was quite embarassing, but the lady was sympathetic and it turns out this was our last visit because she asked to be taken off the records so we really went out with a bang I guess haha. On a mission you really find the subtle humor of the randomest things, and so after we were headed home we had a good laugh. So ya, I can check that off on things to do on a mission. I don't know if it was the pasty because I was sick the whole next day, but I just like to blame it on that atrocious thing.

I love you all, the gospel is true, I am thankful to be able to share this truth as a missionary. Miracles are happening all around us. We just have to open our eyes.

Sister McLeod

This is the most delicious thing England has offered me yet. They are called digestives, but I call them desirables or delicatbles. They truly brighten my day, and this is a picture to show my love for them and say I have been out for a month!
This is a cliche telephone picture I could not resist. Can check that one off the list!

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