Monday, July 29, 2013

Amazing Members

Yes big news, little prince George was born this week! I'm sure all of you know more than me. I just here bits here and there from excited ward members. 

Funny: So everytime we head out into the countryside there are these beautiful trees that form a tunnel of green leaves. The roads being so narrow, I always wondered how they got trimmed so well and we got our answer. Twice this week the bus (with its windows open) clipped the trees for a good while and so it was raining leaves all over the passengers of the bus. People watching is the best form of entertainment and it was quite funny to see various peoples' reactions as they were being covered with leaves. Some couldn't be bothered and kept on reading their newspaper and others just looked so displeased, giving scowls to the bus driver, and the bus driver just chuckled. We, onlookers on the back got a good laugh as well.

Members: The reason why we are seeing the missionary work hasten has a large part to do with the members. Members can break through barriers with investigators that missionaries cannot. We cannot give lifts to church, we cannot give advice/counsel, we cannot be their support forever. For example, we have been teaching Natalie for months, and as soon as members started coming on teaches with us and really getting involved (whether that be by coming on a teach, prayer, a simple note, a lift to church, counsel, support, priesthood blessing, just loving her) that is when we have seen her progress and she has prayed and set her own date for baptism for September 14th!!!!!!!!!! I love Natalie so much and admire her strength. She has truly blossomed amidst the many trials that have come up, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is changing her heart and how she handles adversity. We can see it, and she can see it and it is the most beautiful thing. Conversion ultimately is between you and God, but the love of members is so important! After all, the first two commandments are to love God and love our neighbours. I encourage you to go on teaches with the missionaries. It will bless you, the investigator, and the missionaries as we are all helping build the Kingdom of God! Members are the key! Seven members came on teaches with us this week, and the Spirit you add is AMAZING. If you're nervous, don't be. Just you being there helps them see that the gospel really can apply and help their life. 

Miscellaneous: My first zone conference is tomorrow in Poole! The mission is divided in to different areas/zones and so usually every other moves (moves =6 weeks) a couple zones will meet together to be strengthened. Seeing other missionaries is like the best thing ever, and pumps you up. Just reading Sister Ockey's e-mail pumps me up! Missionary work is so incredible, and I just feel so much love that I have never felt before for every person I meet. So I am in the Bristol Zone, and then within the zone there are areas called districts (consisting of elders and sisters) and within districts you are in an area (Bath). I was so confused before the mission so I wanted to clarify it for all you non returned missionaries. 

Anyway, I love being a missionary. You have shy moments/days, but overall the joy you feel because of the gospel of Jesus Christ is changing you and others is unbelievable.
I love you all.

Sister McLeod 

First District in the MTC {Missionary Training Center}

Second District {Right Now in Bath} 
Don't you just love the flattering angles/picture taking skills of mission pictures?

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