Monday, August 5, 2013

S is For...

Sunday: S is for having a supernal Sunday with Sonia, Sujata, Smruti, and Sparsh full of smiles and the Spirit! How is that for alliteration! S is my favorite letter lately, we keep meeting so many great people starting with S. So, if your name begins with S feel special :) Yes, so our lovely Indian family said they were only coming to sacrament (it is the last meeting here), but then surprised us by coming to gospel principles before! I cannot tell you how much joy I felt as I turned around seeing the members welcoming them into church. Their 6 month old Sparsh is the most precious baby ever and he was so smiley. I will get a picture of them soon to show you how cute this family is soon. And Sonia is the most lovely older lady who has the mannerisms of my grandma Zoe Suzuki. She came to church and absolutely loved it, one of the members came up to her and said "Are you new?" and she replied "Yes, but you will probably see more of me." Oh my goodness, Sonia is being so receptive to the gospel and she is reading a chapter of the Book of Mormon everyday. We hardly can wait until we meet with her during the week.

Zone Conference: I got to see some of my favorite sisters from the MTC. We are the May 16er's, it is a special bond. Sister Gunnel (Idaho), Barrow (Texas), Cowley (Arizona), me, and Finch (England). Man I would love to serve with anyone of these sisters. Crossing my fingers, one day I will get to.
Zone Conference: We roadtripped it 4 hours to Poole and 4 hours back on Tuesday with our zone leaders and one other sister form Finland. We are usually on the bus or train when we travel to these things and we are constantly looking for people to talk to, and so it was quite odd to be in a car with 4 other Mormons. We had to travel to Weston Super Mare to pick up a sister and I got a glimpse of the ocean and oh man that felt good. At the beginning of zone conference, they do a slide show of all the baptisms of the mission recently, and it was funny/cool to see Sister Barker's reactions to some of the pictures because she had either known them or had taught them in her other areas and she was stoked out of her mind that they had made it to baptism. Anyway, zone conference was amazing. I don't think any place with tons of missionaries and the President could ever be bad. He talked about how missionary work is progressing via the internet, and we need to be encouraging others to spread the gospel whether that be through blogs or Facebook. Last month there were 5 baptisms from people being taught through Skype or the internet from our mission from Lebanon to West Virginia. There are Elders and Sisters assigned to internet areas. Carly, a member from Bath has been sharing statuses ever since she was baptised a year ago, and she has had about 6-10 people message her about the church and how it has made her so happy. Currently her friend who messaged her a couple weeks ago is being taught by the missionaries. The work is hastening, and the Lord expects us to use all the tools we have in this modern age. He had us 3 tips for Facebook, 

1. Keep it short
2. Keep it personal
3. Don't use too churchy of words that people won't understand

Scripture: 1 Nephi 16:28-29. Speaking of tools, I love how the Liahona guided Nephi and his family based on their faith and diligence. We can apply this to our lives. The tools of the scriptures, prayer, General Conferences, and church are only going to benefit us if we have faith to trust their guidance and diligently apply it to our lives. I read chapter 17 this morning and it is so interesting to examine the contrast between Nephi and Laman/Lemuel. They describe the same experience so differently due to their levels of understanding of God's plans for them. Knowing that this life is a time of testing and probation, helps us be positive even if hard times come in life. It is a choice to gain this knowledge, and Laman and Lemuel do not choose not to gain this knowledge,thereofre fall victim to their difficult times. I hope we choose to be like Nephi by using the tools the Lord gives us. I know it will help us gain an eternal perspective that will bring joy in this life and in the life to come.

It was like the first day I have ever blowdried or do anything to my hair, so we thought we should document this event. How I love Sister Barker.

My Wall of Love. This wall brings me so much joy, and anyone and everyone is welcome to join to this wall of love by sending me some artwork:) Jeff McLeod - I am expecting an artsy shrek inspried creation.

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