Monday, October 14, 2013

Birthday Week

Letter Shout Outs: Okay, thank you so much everyone for all the letter love this week. Malmroses, Pilinkingtons, Rosie, Christy, Marina, Mom and Dad, Lauren, shoot I know I am forgetting, but thank you so much, they seriously are just what I needed and I'll be writing back eventually. And it is like my birthday is never ending with every letter coming a different day. And okay HOLD THE PHONE DRE AND TOMMY ARE PREGGERS! WHAT!? this seriously just made me whole day. I love this, I want your kid to be friends with my kid because he/she will be the coolest person ever. 

Birthday Love: Okay, so I'm 21....aka I'm an old goat as Sister Chamberlain calls me and she is my little lamb. But no, it was such a glorious day. I woke up and there were all these post-its all around the flat. We have the picture of the prophet, the apostles, and seventy and my favorite was birthday shoutouts from President Monson that said, "Well I always remember Mother telling me, Tommy make sure you wish Sister Mcleod a Happy Birthday" or Uchtdorf's said, "One day, when I was flying an airplane I spelled in the sky Happy Birthday Sister McLeod". O ya and there was Elder Nielson's (exclamation point guy from conference) With Happy Birthday and fifty exclamations. Ha I love Sister Chamberlain's creativity and I just love church humor, good stuff. And she wrapped the best present ever in ensigns- a package of twix bars---zeee best. But ya, our day consisted of knocking, getting lost in radnom little villages, teaching a new investigator, and then we went to Bishop's for dinner. So sweet and special. They made mexcian because they knew it was my favorite and nutella cheesecake and cupcakes! They gave me the cutest address book-excatly what I needed too! It was just so meaningful, really appreciated the little things. And then the next day, we had district meeting and Elder Silhoeto made me a vegan birthday cake which was delicious! He started being vegan on the mish and he is always making delicious vegan creations! Oh and then the day after our little Indian family made us dinner and gave us bindis (butchering the spelling of that) but they are the jewel type things you put on your forehead. They also told us when they go to India they would get us saris. Man I just love Sujata, Smruti, and Sparsh so much. It was just amazing to take a step back on our teach with them to realize we are teaching someone from India with Mel, our member from France. I love that I have so many friends scattered from all over the world now. Life and people are just so beautiful!!!!!! 

Best Birthday Present: So in Rosie's card (haha her name is Rosie Card too and she is the coolest model/journalist/returned missionary that I became friends with in Jerusalem) said how everything hard and tough about the mission is wiped away when you teach and hear someone to pray for the first time. And she is spot on. Hearing Fiona pray for the first time is defintiely a highlight of my mission so far. So Fiona is the sweetest person ever from Shang Hai and is studying here from uni. We knocked into her and scheduled a time to go back. She had no religious background, but when we taught the restoration she said she was filled with so much happiness and peace. She kept on saying how beautiful the restoration and God's love was. And she is so right, the gospel and life is the best gift we can ever ask. We invited her to be baptized on November 9th and she accepted. Man, Pray for Fiona! We are putting so much faith in God and prayer to help Fiona in any way we can. Her prayer was the most special and sincere prayer I have ever heard. She kept on praying for our families as well, so all my family out there you were apart of this experience too :) The Spirit was so powerful and beautiful and these are the moments that I will always remember on my mission.

I wrote 20 moments of being 20 that I don't have time to write now, but I'll share next week. O ya and pictures. Things are picking up right now in Bath. The age change last year was not the only change to missionary work. It was just a symbol of how much we need to start speaking up and sharing this special gift with our friends and family members. I love you all.

Sister McLeod

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