Monday, October 21, 2013


Everyone: This week we just focused on talking to everyone in our path everywhere we went. There are people being prepared here in Bath and so we have to talk to everyone to figure out who it is. We were able to find some really cool people we are meeting with this week. Tomorrow we have 4 appointments back to back and we are PUMPED! We met a man from mexico(first one I've met in England) yesterday and of course he knew who we were and had been to church in mexico with his friend once and was eager to meet with us. This week really humbled me and made me realize how many people I may have missed in my path before.
Less Actives: Since I have been here in Bath we have seen miracles happen with our less actives. One of them is now a primary teacher and extremely active. Another is someone I have been going to since my first day and she finally came to church for the first time yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness it made us so happy.
Crazy Teaches: This week we taught a man who claimed to be the rightful ruler of England-conspiracy theory of course, a woman who may or may not be a drug dealer, and a greek man who is obsessed with America who told me he has been dreaming about us all the time. So ya, we are meeting and teaching some great characters here. I love it.
Smileboarding: To mix things up a bit we smile boarded. We got a whiteboard and went into the high street and wrote different questions like who are mormons? come ask:) or what do you think the purpose of life is? and so on. It is nice because you are not invading anyone's space and those people who are interested come up and talk to you. We got 2 appointments from it, and it was so fun. Even the people who didn't come up started talking to their friends if they knew what a mormon was. Of course you got the people who laughed, made some rude comment, or what not, but we loved it and it was pretty positive.
Bulgarian: I was on exchanges with Sister Laieneekare from Finland and we knocked into a lady who spoke zero english but invited us in. She was so kind to give us juice, and then we just started to try to understand one another through pictures, an engligh-bulgarian dictionary, and just smiling. We tried teaching the restoration and I know she didn't understandt what we were saying but she must have felt something because when we were leaving she just strated crying and gave us hugs.We ordered a Bulgarian Book of Mormon so hopefully we can go back soon and give it to her. I love experiences like these on the mission. Like when will I be able to teach a Bulgarian lady with a Finish companion in England!
Love you all,
Sister McLeod


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