Monday, October 28, 2013


MEXICO: I LOVE MEXICOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So let me tell you about the miracle of Chris. 

Sunday: We were waiting at our bus stop and were just stopping everyone. We stopped Chris and he said he knew of the LDS church and had been to a priesthood session of conference back in Mexico. We scheduled an appointment at the chapel on Tuesday.

Tuesday: We had Rachael, (RM (return missionary) from Argentina who just moved into our ward for a masters degree - from Bay Area) come on the teach with us and it was so incredible. He is teaching spanish at secondary schools (high school) for 9 months and has been in England for 3 weeks. He humbly said how teaching and helping others gives him such purpose in life. He learned of the church by a friend inviting him to play basketball (SHOUTOUT TO MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK! WOOT! WOOT!). That friend also invited him to church, but quickly after that he moved and lost in touch with the church. This was 10 years ago. We taught the Restoration and he accepted the baptismal date of December 7. We gave him the Restoration DVD to watch to on his own. Right after the teach we both felt he could get baptised sooner, November 9th, and were decided we would pray about it and see how he progressed. We also remembered how we fasted and prayed for someone to be baptised on that day, and just had this feeling that it could be him.

Wednesday: He texted us! K that never happens on the mission. He said "Hello sisters, thank you for the dvd, it's just so wonderful :). Have a great afternoon." We just look at each other and are like is this real life? It gets better.

Thursday: We texted him to see how he is doing with the Book of Mormon and to ask us any questions. He responded "Yes I am really enjoying it. I really liked from the very beginning when Nephi says he was born to goodly parents, you can tell how much he loved his family. And you know, I just told my friend I'm learning about the church and he told me that that's the best decision I could ever make because I'll learn how families can be together forever. Wow!" We responded after with a happy dance "I'm so glad you are enjoying the story of Lehi's family. One of my favourite verses is 1 Nephi 2:16 because it shows how important prayer is for Nephi knowing if what his father has been saying is true, I love how we can discover truth and revelation for ourselves." He responded "I am reading that verse once again and it makes perfect sense to me now. Because now I know and I feel that I am doing the right thing. I just found another reason why I am here, to learn more about the restored truth. Now I know that our Heavenly Father had this prepared for me. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me on Sunday!" Seriously is this not like out of a story from preach my gospel?????!!!!

Friday: We had dinner at a member's home and after taught the plan of salvation. He said he felt like he was home. He was sharing insights on scriptures and gladly accepted being baptised November 9th.--- amazing!

Saturday: He came to the baptism of a little 8 year old in our ward. He loved it and said he just envisioned himself getting baptised.---!!!!!

Sunday: Absolutely loved church!

Monday: TODAY we are having an FHE at the Bishop's home with him and meeting him with 2 more times at member's home.

Seriously, Chris is truly a miracle and we can learn so much from his story. First, the power of inviting friends to church activities and how no effort or invitation is in vain. Second, how important it is for missionaries to talk to everyone. Third, how this work is covering all over the earth. We find it pretty funny that of course the first Mexican we meet in England is ridiculously prepared. We joked that this is how the missionaries feel like in Mexico everyday. And fourth, how important it is for missionaries to develop solid relationships with your ward. I have been here in Bath for almost 6 months and can tell you something about everyone in the ward. Every Sunday it is my goal to talk to everyone - remembering the details of their lives. Love is all about remembering the little things. There is around 120 people that come every week too. Mom- I know you asked that. Because of the love and relationship we have for one another, members have been amazing at being so willing to come on teaches and open their homes our investigators. I know I have had so many ups and downs being on a mission, but it is so special to look back and see everything that has happened in the Bath ward. The work is really hastening. The transfers are on November 16 I think, so we shall see If I go or stay. Sister Chamberlain will be done with her training and I just have a feeling I am going, but who knows! I definitely will cry. I love Bath so much, but who know knows maybe I'll stay. 

I love this gospel with all my heart. I know it is true. I am learning everyday. I love you all.

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