Monday, November 4, 2013


Halloween: I really have learned to appreciate American enthusiasm for Halloween. People celebrate it here, but it is not as big and people are not so creative with their costumes. I asked all the kids in primary what they were and 90% said they were witches. Come on now!, where is the creativity there. But there is a holiday tomorrow, November 5th, called Guy Fawkes. It is something about someone trying to blow up parliament or something and they celebrate it by burning things and doing fireworks. so obviously a really cool day. The ward is having dinner and fireworks at the Turvey's tomorrow. And today (p-day) I'm so pumped because we are having an arts and crafts day with Sister Turvey who I love so much! 

Chris: Chris is progressing right along and is so excited about his baptism on Saturday!!!!! AND SO ARE WE!!!!!! We have taught him everything in a lot of different members homes and he has accepted everything with such enthusiasm! He even expounds on the doctrine. For example, we were teaching law of chastity and he went off about Elder Bednar's talk about Chastity in the Ensign we had given to him a couple days before. He is a natural teacher and is going to be such a strength to the church. We are having dinner and a lesson at the Pattersons' tonight so you can say it is going to be the best p-day ever!

Fasting miracle: As a mission we had a special fast for 35 or more baptisms in the months of November and December separately, and we saw the direct and immediate blessing that day! Sister Chamberlain and I were teaching gospel principles and out of the blue Billie, a uni student from London walks in. Her grandma is a member and she has been looking for a church to go to in Bath. We were talking to her and she was like this might sound weird, but is there anything I can read about the church. YA WE DO! Anyway we met with her that night and her flatmates were also interested! With all of them there and participating in the lesson, the Spirit was so strong and it was probably the most natural lesson of the restoration we have taught. I love teaching people me age. Billie is eager to learn more and loved church. We are meeting with her again on Tuesday

Bath: The Spirit hits me the most during hymns, and I just felt this incredible sensation of love yesterday at church during the sacrament hymn. I was reflecting on my progression as a missionary and a person in general these past 5 almost 6 months and the progression of the ward. The Bath ward is the most special ward I have ever been to in that you can just feel the love immediately as you walk into the chapel. Since July the ward has had 5 almost 6 with Chris baptisms (they hadn't had one for 2 years) and a lot of reactivation. I have been so blessed to experience my first months of the mission here and the Bath ward will always be so special to me throughout my life. I'll find out next Monday what the verdict is of moves. But anyways, life is great. It is winter here so I'm really starting to understand the power of layers and wool tights. 

I love you all so incredibly much!

Sister McLeod

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