Monday, November 11, 2013

Best Week Ever

I am overcome with so much joy, love, and happiness, a deep joy, love, and happiness that I cannot even simply put into words. 

This week has been the best week of my mission hands down. 

Billie: Billie was the person who walked into church last Sunday and we taught her 3 times this week and she has accepted the date to be baptized December 14th! She is hungry for the truth and has been facing a lot of opposition from her pastor, friends, and anti-mormon material, but she said this text that was so beautiful. It said "thanks so much for the response. I have been praying and last night really felt like this is a true church. I guess this is one of the bumps we spoke about the other day where you are discouraged. There are so many attacks in this church and it's confusing and sad. It is really hard taking this step, but I have faith in God and Joseph Smith. Very grateful for your teachings and the blessings you are bringing to my life:)". She is so awesome! She came to the ward activity on Tuesday and asked us to meet with her again the next day. The university YSA  members that have moved in Victoria, Rachel, and Isabel have been such a great blessing to the missionary work as they have come on a lot of teaches with us.

Guy Fawkes: So fun! We had dinner and firworks at the Turveys' and so many people were there. It is always a party with the Bath ward :) Chris and Billie came too and it was so good to see them being welcomed and integrated into the ward. Such a fun night and it was pretty sweet to see fireworks everywhere that day and week.

This is the Turveys' house and view. They have an Australian flag because their daughter Sophie is serving a mission there.

We had fireworks at their house for Guy Fawkes and this is a picture of Carly, Alice, Me, Rachel, our investigator, Billie, and Sister Chamberlain. I love these girls so much!

Chris: HE WAS BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!! Leading up to that we had FHE with the Pattersons' on Monday (such a spiritual lesson on service, he cannot wait to serve!), ward activity on Tuesday, baptismal interview on Wednesday, institute with the YSA in Bristol, Friday a lesson in the Broads' home, Saturday he was baptised, and Sunday he received the gift of the Holy Ghost and the Aaronic priesthood! He is planning on blessing the sacrament next week! Seriously Chris has been truly a miracle. It was so surreal for us as missionaries. I still cannot believe everything that has happened in the past 3 weeks. The baptismal service was magical. The Spirit was so strong. Rachel spoke on the Baptism, Jamie Patterson spoke on the Holy Ghost, and there was a musical number by a couple men. A ton of the ward came to the baptism and it meant so much that they were hear to support Chris and the missionary work happening. Brother Broad, who is amazing-most selfless man and our ward mission leader baptised and confirmed Chris. His blessing for the Holy Ghost was beautiful and you could just feel that Chris is going to do so many great things in his life and in the church. I am so grateful there is one more righteous, worthy, and humble priesthood holder on the earth. I cannot put into words the many moments of joy we have had teaching Chris and seeing him being so willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ. He is coming on a teach with us Tuesday night :)

Chris's baptism :) :) :) Brother Broad baptized him, our ward mission leader who I love so dearly.

Transfers: After church, we went to the Bishop's for dinner and as we were waiting for dinner to be done cooking all of the family and us were gathered in their family laughing and having such a good time. And then I felt the phone vibrate and I just knew it was President. We put it on speaker and he told us how proud of us he was for all the work happening in Bath, but sorry to say he would be splitting us up. He asked me to backup train a sister from Denmark who has been out 6 weeks. So on Wednesday, I'll be going to Teignmouth which is in the Plymouth zone (Southwest of England) and right on the coast near Devon and Newton Abbet. He then asked Sister Chamberlain to train in Bath, so I'll be a grandma now! Both of our hands were shaking and as soon as the call ended, Sister Chamberlain and I couldn't help the tears leaking out of our eyes. It was such a beautiful, happy, sad, bittersweet moment and I was so thankful to be in the Bishop's home at that time. We ate a lovely dinner and pudding (they call dessert here that) filled with a lot of laughter and then went in to end on a spiritual note. The spirit was so strong as we talked about love and the story of the Anti-Nephi Lehis. I started bearing my testimony and broke down because of how much I truly loved Bath, the ward, the Kitsells, Sister Chamberlain, and everyone we met. All the Kitsells were tearing up as well and Bishop said the most sincer things with a tear in his eye. It meant so much to me, especially because Bishop is not a man of many word. I will never forget those moments and those people. They are sacred to me, and it made me realize how strong love is. I know my time was coming up in Bath. It doesn't make it an easier, but I know I am supposed to help this sister find the joy of being a missionary and keep on inviting everyone closer to our Savior Jesus Christ in Teignmouth! (I don't know if that is how you spell it).

We love carly! She is a convert of about 2 years.

I'm going to miss this view.

I cannot believe I am hitting my 6 month mark! I am feeling that joy of bringing souls unto Christ. I have felt it, and I just want to keep on spreading that joy and inviting more to feel the love of this gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love you all. I love how kind Heavenly Father is to us. I have a testimony of patience. It doesn't mean waiting around lazily for good things to happen, it means actively being diligent and trusting the Lord because he knows what is best for us. I learned that as I've been in Bath for 6 months and it was until my last 3 weeks that we met Chris and he was able to be baptised and confirmed. I know I am just an instrument in His hands, but I think it is the best instrument you can every learn to play :)

Love and Cheers,
Sister McLeod

When we carved pumpkins at the Kitsells'.

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