Monday, November 18, 2013


I SAW THE OCEAN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 6 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!! Ya it was magical and Heavenly Father is very kind to me.

Dan Taylor: My dad's best friend Dan Taylor passed away last week. When I think of kindness and humility, I think of Dan. I had the opportunity of getting to know their family growing up through the years going to ski Tahoe and Whistler together. When I think of the Taylors, I think of their loving friendship and how blessed I was to know him. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation knowing death is only the doorway to the eternities and we are only separated from our loved ones temporarily. My dad met Dan on his mission in Taiwan and they were roommates at BYU where they met my mom and Cindy (Dan's wife). I am so grateful for friendships that last forever. I reflected on the friendships I have been able to be blessed with in High School, University, and on the mission and am so grateful for every person in my life that has made such a lasting influence in my life. It makes me want to be a better friend. Dan will be dealry missed and his family has been in my prayers.

Leaving Bath: Wow! I could not have left on a better note than Chris coming on a teach with us and bearing such a powerful testimony and teahcing like a natural. Sister Chamberlain e-mailed me today and let me know he blessed the sacrament wonderfully yesterday:) And Billie asked us to move the baptismal date up! I told her I was leaving and she was like you'll be back for the baptism right?? Sadly no, but it doesn't even matter because she is getting baptised!!!!! I'm learning on the mission that a baptism is just a bonus. True joy is really in seeing them progress and build their faith in Jesus Christ amidst the hardships of life. Yes tears were shed, and I am still getting used to not being in Bath. It feels like home, but I know that I need to move on. Victoria, a YSA who has been recently coming back to church wrote me the nicest letter and when I said bye she said, "I love you, and I'm British so that means a lot" :) Man I love these people to bits.

 My awesome tree of life our life for my last teach with Billie
Teignmouth: We met in Staines for the sorting of new missionaries and there were only 5 new ones this time. Sister Chamberlain is training a Sister from Norway. She is beautiful, so the pair of them are going to be getting some head nods for sure. Anyway I love Sister Chamberlain so much. She is going to be a lifelong friend. We had so much fun and really loved one another and Bath. I was driven down to Teignmouth (4 and half hour journey from Staines) by the McMurtery's. They are the nicest senior couple who are in the Newton Abbot ward. Teignmouth is gorgeous and I can see the ocean far off from my window. Pictures will definitely be coming soon. Sister Anderson is from Denmark and I love her so much already. She is so wonderful, but doesn't realize it so I just am loving her and letting her know until she believes it. She is quiet, humble, and beautiful. I am definitely pushing her out of her comfort zone talking to everyone, so she may like or not like me at times, but I am pushing her with love :) It is definitely a transition for both of us, but we get along and I know amazing things are going to happen here.

Sister Goddard, who I know from BYUH. We saw each other at Staines and were just started screaming in delight. She is 6 weeks ahead of me on the mish.

My beautiful posterity! Sister Chamberlain is training I forget her name from Norway. She knows Ingunn Sorenson!

My new companion Sister Anderson from Denmark. She is absolutely lovely.
Members: So the goal they have in the future is to create a Teignmouth branch (oh ya it is pronounced Timoth). There is so much potential here with the members in this area and Newton Abbot. I am so exicted because it feels like a gold mine and we just need to get to work and get this area organized and utilize the members. The members have been so supportive already and want to help us in anyway we can. Oh ya it is also a musical ward and they do a musical fireside every 6 weeks. Everyone has been asking me if I am musical and I sadly am like nope, I wish. My patriarchal blessings says I will develop my talents in music so who knows, maybe this is the place to do it! We have got a guitar and uke in our flat (which is so huge! we live in a house) so i'm going to try! The elders are in Newton Abbot, but we work a lot in their area as well and with them. Anyways, I know I'm supposed to be here and baptisms are coming!!!!!!!!

Sister Anderson getting musical on the guitar!
I love you all so much. Thanks for your love and support!
My new address:
70 Bitten Park Road
Teignmouth, Devon
TQ14 9DA

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