Monday, December 30, 2013

More Christmas!

Shout-outs: Thank you so much for the Christmas packages from my family, the Moore's, Mary, and the Baeza's. It definitely will be a Christmas to remember and Christmas morning was so fun! I can definitely say that I have never done a personal and companion study for 2 hours before opening Christmas presents. Loved it though! Also shoutout to my sister Melissa and brother-in-law Ryan who got sealed on the 28th in the Sacramento temple. You both looked so beautiful and the kids are just too cute (thanks Dad for sending pics). Could not be happier for you all! Ryan I am still laughing over your peter pan shorts. Also shoutout to Sista Ockey who finally got her visa and now is in Argentina! 

So my fav family, the Pattersons in Bath came to visit their mom, Jean, who is in our ward and so we went out to dinner and it was so nice to see them. I just adore them.
Teignmouth was just so beautiful and sunny after the storm. These are little shots from the bus.

Christmas: My family is the best family in the world. I think I just laughed the whole time on skype and that is exactly what I needed. Christmas was lovely. We went to the Julians for a Christmas dinner and I must say that Christmas cake and minced pies are not my favorite. We were allowed to watch a movie and so we saw bits and pieces of Tangled, Herculez, and Mary Poppins throughout the day. I really didn't even have a desire to watch them, but it was cool to for one time not feel like I needed to ask to have the tele turned off. We went to the Turney's later to skype and I just love being there because it is just a fun home and all the kids are my ageish. Boxing day was the 26th and is a proper holiday in England as well. All the buses did not run and we went to 2 huge feasts. The holidays have so much food and chocolate. Our flat is overflowing with sweets. Not good.

Christmas morning!
Chistmas dinner at the Julians. So in England they have these cool things called crackers. You pull the two ends with the person next to you and inside they have a joke, a hat, and a random gift. So we all wore these lovely hats for Chirstmas dinner.

Transfers: It is always so scary getting a call from president because I always have this fear I am going to get rebuked for something, haha. But I haven't gotten a phone call like that so far so that is good. But anyway, he called on Saturday to ask if I would be the sister training leader for the Plymouth zone and then let us know that Sister Andersen and I get to stay in Teignmouth, so we are stoked on that. A sister training leader goes on exchanges and helps the sisters out if they need help, but that is all I really know. I'll probably know more when we go to missionary leadership council on Friday in Staines. 

New Year: I cannot believe it is January already and I've been out 7 and half months. Everyone thinks of goals during this year and I want to commit everyone to think of one thing they can do every week to be a better missionary (aka known as being more Christlike). This is seriously the most precious gift and everyone deserves to know Christ all year long and to know He has restored His church. I love being a missionary. I love the ups and downs. and I love you all!
This is us dancing around the Christmas tree. It is a danish tradition to do this Christmas eve and sing Danish Christmas songs.

Celebrating a Danish, American, and Bristish Christmas
Honeycomb crisp hot chocolate, I am in love with.

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