Monday, December 2, 2013

Zone Conference

Zone Conference: Since we are so far away from everything in the mission, we had to spend the night in Yeovil with the sisters there before traveling to to Poole in the morning. The Torquay sisters also stayed with us so it was a party. I don't know what it is about girls but we can talk forever. Anyways we made it to zone conference and it was awesome. Elder Teixiera who is a general authority came and spoke to us and his insights were focused on helping our investigators progress. It was exactly what I needed to hear and I loved how he emphasized that it is one thing to feel truth, but the most important thing we need to do and help our investigators do is to test their faith and act on that principle of truth. Faith is all about action. For lunch, the members in Poole were so kind to give us a Thanksgiving meal. It was so good to see Sister Chamberlain and she is doing well in Bath, so that made me happy. It was also so good to see Sister Cowley from my MTC group. Seriously every time we see each other we are going through very similar things so it is nice to talk and laugh.

Zone Conference Thanksgiving meal
Trains: I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. It is my favorite thing to look out the window in England and see such beautiful green rolling hills or the sea side. Everytime we travel on the train, I feel like a giddy little child.  

Sister Andersen and I traveling on the train
Sister Erasmus and Jacob. Sisters in my distritc in Torquay.
Kieron and Alan: They are our two solid investigators.We taught Alan in the chapel with a recent convert and he prayed for the first time after being really nervous and it was absolutely amazing. He was buzzing with happiness afterwards and telling everyone at the ward activity so that was a good sign. The Newton Abbot ward is really involved with ward activities which is so awesome. We had a Spanish night on Friday and a musical christmas program on Sunday that both Kieron and Alana came to. Unfortunately, they didn't come to church but we are working on that! Kieron and Alan are being able to be fellowshipped and taught in memebrs homes. I seriously feel like a friend maker on a mission. It is because we missionaries come and go, but the ward stays and so we have to build those connections. It has been a good week in seeing both of them progress little bit by little bit.
December: I am SO PUMPED for December. Sister Andersen's mom sent us Danish candy advent calendars and the ward gave us one as well so we were so exicted for it to finally be December to start it. We get to go to the temple on the 10th, we are teaching and finding some great people, the ward is doing so many activities, and then it is Christmas!!! Good things are happening. I've been reading Jesus the Christ and learning so much more about our Savior and think this first Christmas in my England home will be very unique and different.
I love you all. You are in my prayers.
Sister McLeod

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