Monday, December 9, 2013

So Pumped!

Man I cannot even focus, I am so pumped right now!!!!!! So bear with me if this is letter is scattered in exictement everywhere. I was having a pretty hard evening last night and I was looking forward to reading e-mails and it has uplifted me so much! So thank you all for helping me.
Reasons I am Pumped:
1. Billie was baptised in Bath on Saturday!!! On President's letter each week it tells you who was baptised and where and so I was dying to see if Billie was and to see her name made me starting crying with joy! But it gets better! I opened my e-mails and saw an e-mail from Billie! She found my blog and haha will read this now too (so hopefully you are appreciating this shoutout), and wow that made me feel so happy. Billie is such an amazing person and has strengthened my testimony and I cannot wait to meet up with her after the mission in London! Love you Billie.
2. It gets better. Chris e-mailed me too and bore his testimony and man, he is doing so solid in the gospel! He is teaching me now! Reading those two e-mails made me realise how special it is to meet these two amazing people that I would have had never met unless I was on a mission at this time. The mission is all about the people you meet and special experiences you get to have as you both are strenghtening your understanidng of Jesus Christ and loving one another.
3. We are headed to the temple today for a sleepover! WOOT! WOOT! So since we live so far away we get to take a coach with our zone and the Bristol zone to the temple accomadations. We are supposed to get to Plymouth at 4 and are heading from there. I am so exited to go to the temple to learn and feel of the special spirit there.
4. On Saturday, I went to my first English wedding. Steve and Terina are the elders' investigators and they are getting baptised at the end of December. How funny is this. Elder Blackner was the best man and Elder Smith was ring boy and then the witnesses to their wedding. It was so fun to go to a wedding, and Terina looked so beautiful and happy. They have two cutest girls too.
5. Kieran, who we have been teaching for awhile is progressing and we taught him 3 times this week and is working toward December 28th for baptism. He is this awesome, older English man who is so sincere and thoughtful.
6. Maxine and George. After church we went to our ward mission leaders' home for a meal and a lesson with Maxine and George. They came into church 2 weeks ago and George is a member. They were married in April and are so cute together and in love. I love when people hold hands all the time. They are in the elders' area, but requested sisters to teach them and Maxine asked us so many wonderful questions and is exicted to meet with us again on Thursday. I'm so grateful for the member support here. The Maddock's are the ones who invited them and us over for dinner and now we have the opportunity to get to know them and share this beautiful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ!
7. I am obsessed with the Mormon Message, the Christmas Spirit. You should attach it to this letter. It is so cute and humble reminds us what Christmas is all about. It is all about the Spirit of Christ and I am trying to remember everyday.
8. We went on exchanges this week. I went over to Redruth in Cornwall and got to serve with Sister Moulis who I absolutlely adore. She is from Nice, France. I don't know if that is spelled right but it is pronunced like Neece. She has been out 3 months and we got along so well and I would love to serve with her again. We laughed so much and her English is amazing from just learning it at the MTC.
It is so nice to have this time to write all of the wonderful things that happen throughout the week because it helped me see the joy and grander picture. I am not going to lie, there are so many tough moments on the mission especially this week. BUT, I am so grateful to be constantly learning that there is opposition in all things. I want my misison to be hard because I know I will grow and learn the most that way. Sounds crazy, but I know it is true. Regardless of eveything that goes on, I write 5 things I am grateful for each day in my journal and truly know that the Lord remembers us and blesses us in every season of life.
Love you all and hope you enjoy that mormon message.
Sister McLeod
P.S.: I don't know what I am turning into! I say my o's so funny now. It is not even an English accent. It is like Scottish or Irish or like someone from Minnesota.
P.S.S. Way more pics to come, couldn't today because I forgot my camera.  

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