Monday, December 16, 2013


Kieron: MAN! It is so awesome have people to teach and I especially love our invetsigator Kieron. Just think of a proper yet hippie English older man who is so insightful and delightful. He loves his boots and was a biker back in the day. That is Kieron. It has been amazing seeing him progress so much these past weeks and we had one of the most powerful lessons on repentance that renewed my testimony of it. I love daily repentance! It is so liberating to know we can change and be better each day. He is making changes in his life and has loved church. He is hungry for more and more each time we teach him. Kieron, what a great man. He even flew the American flag!
Hair: Mom, in regards to your question I actually have not gotten a haircutt and do not think I will on my mission. I have heard horror stories from other missionaries and therefore am going to play it safe. Don't worry,when I see split ends I cut them.  

Temple trip: Wow...I don't know what to say. I loved every second of it. We took a train to Plymouth where a coach with all the Bristol zone picked us up and we headed on our 5 hour journey to the temple. It was so nice to talk to all my missionary homies especially Sister Chamberlain. I got to hear how Bath was doing (still so awesome) and Billie even called so I got to speak to her on the phone for a second. We got to the temple at about 10:30 and stayed in the accomodations with 6 missionaries to a room. In the morning, they made American pancakes...oh how I miss them... and our session began at 11. The temple grounds are so beautiful and the inside was even more beautiful. It was such a sacred experience and I am so grateful for the feelings of peace and safety of the temple. After, there was a lovely Christmas dinner and then we headed home.

My beautiful companion, I was getting artsy

Luke 2: President Millar encouraged us to read Luke 2 and put ourselves in the place of the shepherds this Christmas season. They too, were away from their families that night as they tended their flocks. But because they were away caring for those sheep, they were able to see the sign of the star pointing them to the little baby Jesus. It was them who went directly to see him, and then went abroad letting everyone know that the Savior had been born. I loved thinking that I get to be watching over and helping people learn of Jesus Christ continually this Christmas season. This is my only Christmas as a missionary, and it is so special. I've been thinking a lot about how everyone looks forward to Christmas and comparing it to the thousands of years that the prophets looked forward to Christ coming. I am so grateful we get to continually look forward to the moments of joy in this life and in the life to come because of what Jesus Christ did for each one of us. I am grateful for this knowledge and being reminded of the blessings and gifts He so freely gives to us each day. 

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