Monday, January 20, 2014

Great Things are Happening

Culture Update: I learned that it is really rude to point over here. I am finally embracing English culture and eating with my fork and knife all the time. It actually is really efficient.
Funny: We have this investigator named Peter who is a little bit crazy. He is extremely intelligent and knows his bible. He is fixated on the early church during Christ's time and he focuses all his studies on what it would have been like and what the christian church should be like today. He loves to go on tangents about anything and everything, so we were extremely bold, blunt, and persistent that Jesus Christ has restored His church on earth and the only way he could find out would be to come to church and see for himself. Well he came to church and informed everyone he met of his life story and he was at church because he had been "McLeoded". He is a character to say the least and because of creepy comments we are turning him to the elders.
Kieron: STOPPED SMOKING! We set Friday as the day he would stop, and he did it! Man, I just love this man so much, I cannot even express it. He is so ready for baptism. He has progressed so much. We went through all of the baptismal interview questions and the only thing he struggles with is getting to church. It seems like the adversary is trying to stop him because the last 2 weeks he has had the most valid reasons pop up. BUT, he is getting there and the day of his baptism will be seriously so powerful.
Maxine: FINISHED THE BOM! Woot! Woot! and is onto the doctrine of covenants. Her husband is leaving for 7 weeks to Spain and Australia for work because he is a geologist and because she wants him to baptise and confirm her we are waiting. They are such a great couple, really just compliment one another.
Spiritual: In Relief Society we talked about how Jesus becomes personal to you. I was just thinking about how all the time we are inviting people to read, pray, and come to church to get to know their Savior, but unless there is a deeper meaning and desire involved, those 3 actions become ineffective in spiritual growth. I thought about how you can be active in the church, but inactive in the gospel. I reflected on areas I need to improve on, and as I have done so I feel like I am refreshing myself. Sometimes we need to do that so we can wake ourselves up spiritually and remind us of the personal relationship we have to Christ and our Heavenly Father. I hope you all have a refreshing week and I hope it rains soon in California. I wish I could send you the buckets over here.
I love you all so much. You are all so awesome.
Sister McLeod
Picture of my awesome district. The other is Sister Andersen and I using the masks that a member gave us.

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