Monday, January 27, 2014


Kieron: Seriously Kieron has brought so much joy into my life. When I came to Teignmouth almost 3 months ago, he had a lot of philosophies of life, smoked, would not pray, read the Book of Mormon, and come to church. A lot has changed from that initial meeting and I have loved seeing him increase in knowledge and happiness. Yesterday he was at church before us (the first time for him coming for all 3 hours). He is now the one who begins our lessons with prayers that are so beautiful and meaningful. He loves and gets excited to read the Book of Mormon. He has quit smoking. He has set his own baptismal date for February 8th. And he understands how special and important that day will be for him. He has a solid testimony of prophets and the restoration. In response to asking him what he thought of President Monson, he paused and enthusiastically said, "I like that man!" Now Kieron was not broken in anyway when the sisters first knocked on his door in August. He was delightful to be around with a lovely family, but one question would pop into his head from time to time. He would look around at the beauty of the earth and thought there had be more, there had to be a Creator. Initially he said he was a happy man and could not imagine himself being happier. He has proved himself wrong as he has found even more peace, happiness, and answers to his questions. On our last teach he said if it wasn't for gravity, he would be floating. There is this indescribable joy from helping him apply the gospel into his life and see their progression so personally. I cannot wait for February 8th and 9th for Kieron to be baptised and receive the Holy Ghost. I know people are happy and content, but I know this gospel allows us to reach the greatest form of happiness possible.   

Jesus Christ: I reflected on Him as a perfected, resurrected Being and I thought how interesting it is that He kept the nail marks in his hands and feet. I thought, if he was perfected in body why would he keep them? I think He left them as reminders and evidence of His perfect love and sacrifice toward us. Also, to let us know that the trials and burdens we carry are molding and refining us toward our ultimate goal of perfection. I don't know if that makes sense, but I had an "aha" moment the other day about this. 

This Week: We had zone training in Plymouth = awesome. I went on exchanges with Sister Felts in Exeter = awesome, she is an awesome missionary. Just an awesome week overall. But remember to get to the awesome takes some opposition. 

Power of Being a Member: I was just reflecting about all of the people who either have progressed to baptism or are progressing thus far on my mission, and the common thread is that they knew a mormon before talking to us. Bath: Chris had a friend who invited him to basketball and a priesthood general conference session. Billie's nan was a member. Teignmouth: Judy is the friend of Denise in our ward. Maxie is the wife of George, a member. And Kieron's sister-in-law is a member. The power and influence of who you are as a unique individual is more far reaching than you think. Keep being who are and make the gospel transparent in your life. I loved sitting at at church and seeing our 4 investigators who were each sitting with a member. It is not only happiness that it is bringing in the investigators lives, but the members too. This gospel of Jesus Christ just breathes happiness and love! It is the best and I am so grateful more and more for it. I think the most missionary success I'll have in my life is when I go home. The mission is just training me to be the person the Lord needs me to be forever. And that is someone who loves others and brings them to the love of our Savior and Heavenly Father.
I love you all!
"For we walk by faith rather than by sight" 2 Cor 5:6, my new favorite sciprture for the week.
Sister McLeod
Teignmouth really is a gem. Sisters in the Plymouth zone and zone training. Sister Jacob and I. We really bonded when we learned that she has family who live in Driggs, Idaho! It is always so nice to find someone who loves the same place as much as you do. We dreamed of lime freezes on the corner drug store.

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