Monday, February 3, 2014


Transfers: President called Saturday and told us he thought about moving Sister Andersen, but felt like we should be together in Teignmouth one more transfer. We were both happy because that means we would see Kieron get baptised this Saturday and our other 2 baptisms we have planned in this transfer. A lot of people are leaving our zone and district and it is always a bit sad because you get attached to people, but then great new people come and go and it is just the circle of the mission and life and the memories last forever-cheesy, but true! 
Maxie: We gave her scriptures (the quad) yesterday we had someone get at the temple and it was so endearing to see how excited she was. I love new scriptures, they are so fresh and ready to be learned from.
Kieron: Love this man to death. His baptism this Saturday will be so amazing. The ward is so involved and he is just the best.
Good week: We got 2 more baptismal dates, Judy and Alan, and had 10 lessons with members. This ward is so great in helping us out with teaching.

                                                                                         Haha, okay so funny. This is Sly. It is Kieron's iguana and                                                            
                                                                                in the middle of a teach I just started laughing because it 
                                                                                      turned his head dramatically and just gave us this face the rest of the time. Oh Sly, what a character.

Funny: We were knocking doors on Tuesday and found a girl named Daisy (by the way I am naming my first girl that-in love with that name) who was really interested. At the end when we were exchanging numbers, her brother who is about our age came to the door and just stared at us without speaking. The awkwardest thing ever. We said bye, and that night we got a text from an unknown number saying "my liahona pointed to you." (FYI if you're not Mormon it is this compass type thing that Lehi's family in the Book of Mormon use to show them where to go in the wilderness) We were like what in the world, who is this this person? Well turned out it was Daisy's creepy brother and he had researched a lot about Mormons and must have come across a Mormon pickup line website. Anyways, that was pretty funny and gave us a good laugh. We said if he was really interested he could talk to the elders.

Sponge: Being a missionary is like being a sponge. You are constantly absorbing a variety of emotions/issues from others and yourself and it can be quite overwhelming at times. One moment you feel so much joy for someone progressing, and then seriously your next appointment you feel so sad for another person's heartbreaking situation in life. I was people watching at church yesterday, and it is so interesting to know a lot of the back stories to certain individuals and families and what they are going through. Everyone is at a different level, and it can be very emotionally and spiritually exhausting as a missionary jumping up and down and here and there for each investigator, less active, member, or person you meet on the street. In likening myself to a sponge, I am understanding that through prayer at night and in the morning (and i guess at any moment) you just need to squeeze out(for lack of a better word) everything to the Lord. Jesus Christ has absorbed all the pain of sin, sorrow and physical trials in this life, and we need to give our and others peoples "stuff" (for lack of a better word) to Him. Why? Because he is the only one who knows what we are going through and He can help. I love the trials that we go through and asking the question what can I learn from this? I think we are all sponges and the same principle of prayer I talked about applies to all of us. I love you all so much. like really i do. i miss you all so much. Remember you are loved and remember to pray.
Sister McLeod

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