Monday, February 10, 2014


Sister McLeod :): Kieron was baptized on Saturday and it was just the greatest thing in the world. Although a baptism is so wonderful to see, it is the process of growth and happiness that really makes it so meaningful. He had 3 different baptismal dates before, and to see him finally enter so excited and willing fills me with warmth. I knew this day would come ever since I met him in November, it was just a matter of when. You can feel that with different people, and I was just so glad that the "when" was on Saturday where I could see it. We gave him a quad of scriptures the week before for a baptismal gift, but he wanted to open it after his baptism talk about self-control. It was so cute. He brought it to the baptism and ripped it open and just smiled from ear to ear! I seriously want to put Kieron in my pocket forever!  He wasn't sure if his family was going to come, but they did and it meant so much to him to have them there. There was such a happy spirit at the service and one of the members sang "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" and it is my new favorite hymn. So beautiful. On Sunday, he received the gift of the holy ghost and tears were streaming down his face. He described the experience afterwards as feeling a warm pressure infusing into his body. He also received the priesthood after church and that is where I teared up. To see how happy he was and to know there is one more righteous priesthood holder on the earth just fills me right up. I felt the same way with Chris in Bath. Afterwards, I shook Kieron's hand and it is a moment I want to freeze forever. He said I made it, and I said I knew you would. When he said thank you, it was the most meaningful thank you I have felt and it was so hard to not not just give him a big hug! Kieron, just to hear his name makes me so happy. I love this gospel so much. It means the world to me. 

Weather: In other news, England is getting hit so much with rain. There is flooding in a lot of areas and in the town over the rail line that paralells the sea was demolished and the rail line was hanging in Dawlish. The waves were going insane! On p-day we went and videoed them. I'll send some pics. But we are doing great! Just a little wet. 

What I have learned in England: Umbrellas are useless, rain coats are the way to go.
Crazy waves, a view from one of our investigators flats

I love you all so much!
Sister McLeod

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