Monday, February 17, 2014

The People

The Why: It is good to slow down sometimes and remember why you are doing something. When you understand the why, the who, what, when, and where, it makes more sense and life suddenly has more meaning. I hit my halfway mark yesterday, so maybe that is why I am being reflective. The why I am out here on a mission is because of the people I have met and will continue to meet. Their stories, personalities, humor, and testimonies have been locked away in my heart and I cannot imagine my life without knowing them. Sister Andersen and I were just realizing that we are teaching the best people and we are so lucky to know them and love them. They are so unique and different, yet the unifying power of the gospel is helping to be happier. I love it and wanted to share a little something about them.
(50's) Judy: Judy is a hard working single mom who will do anything for her family. She stands up for what she knows is right and looks out for the underdog. When she watched the restoration video and when we read the scriptures, she always shows concern for the people who get persecuted like Joseph Smith and Nephi from his brothers. It is so sweet to see her concern.
(30's) Alan: Alan is HILARIOUS! The first week we were together, Sister Andersen and I found him knocking and every time we meet with him he is still amazed that we knocked his door, like it was a privilege. Just from that experience, He knows God is looking out for him. Alan comes from a bit of a dodgy/chavy/noncommittal background, but has this pureness type of innocence and is stoked on the gospel and wants to change his life. He even got a journal that says "man with a plan." We had to take a picture. I wish you could all meet and see how this guy is without trying to be.
This is Alan: A man with a plan!
(20's) Maxie: Maxie pretty much teaches herself. She is thirsty for knowledge and understanding and is so considerate of others. She is always sensitive about doing the right thing, and she is the epitome of "slow and steady wins the race." For Maxie, the truth has come a little bit at a time and through little experiences here and there and she wants to make sure she is committing to something she fully believes in and trusts in. The members love her and she is going to sing a duet with a member at the next musical program. She is immersing herself in the gospel and church activities amidst the trials that she faces and I love her to death. We are going to the moors (beautiful place) with her today for our p-day and then going to FHE at the Vousdans home and Alan is going to come to!
(60's) Bill: Bill is an artist. You should see the texts Bill sends about his feelings about the Book of Mormon. So poetic and he is loving every moment about learning about this gospel. He has legitimate obstacles keeping him from coming to church, but He is trusting in God to prepare a way for him.
(60's) Kieron: And we can't forget about him. I talk about him loads, but he seriously is so thoughtful and I love him to death. He is loving learning even more about the gospel after his baptism and starting to do his family history and heading to the temple for baptisms soon. His family is getting interested, and we are hoping to teach them next! His insights and prayers are completely genuine and beautiful.
So when I knock doors or get knocked over by this rubbish weather, I remember the why and these people. The hope to find that next person I am going to start loving even more and introduce to the gospel is why I go out everyday. It is why I am a missionary.
I love you all so much. Look at the why you do things and it will help you gain a better attitude amidst the trials we face daily. The gospel is true and brings happiness. I know that for myself and I know that for the people I have met.
Sister McLeod
I was so tired one night, I literally could not get to bed. Haha!

Sister Andersen let me cut her hair! I felt so proud that finally someone trusted me enough! By the way it looks great!
Product hair cut

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