Monday, March 3, 2014


Some Miracles of the Week:
1. The elders met a man named Deon for literally 20 seconds in Newton Abbot, but in those 20 seconds he said he had faith, but dint have a church to go to and gave them his phone number and told them he lived in Teignmouth. The elders then called us to let us know about him and to give him a call later that evening. Literally an hour later, we were walking in Teignmouth and stopped a man. Turns out it was Deon! We proceeded to teach him, and set up a time to meet again. I think the Lord really wants Deon to be taught and we are excited about him.

2. We watched Finding Faith in Christ with Alan, and it was one of those teaches where the truth just clicked. The Spirit was there and he was able to understood more fully about who our Savior really is and what he has done for us. He was tearing up, and although he was feeling awful he came to church on Sunday. There was some drama between him and a less active member that he actually knows, but thanks to the elders and another member they were able to calm him down in a classroom and his whole demeanor changed from the beginning of church to the end. The blessings of coming to church are real, even when we feel horrible.

3. Maxie has not been feeling good lately, but she was driving around the roundabout by the church one evening and saw the lights on and remembered that it was choir. She felt like she needed to just sing to feel better, and lo and behold right as we are walking by the chapel we see her and is like is that Maxie!? We never usually go to choir on Wednesday, but we felt like we should that day. We were late, and it seriously was just meant to be that we could just see her since we hadn't been able to for a few days. After choir there was a relief society activity that she stayed for, and it was so good to see her smiling and happy and participating. Yet again the gospel, the members, the chapel, and the Spirit uplift those in need. I love seeing it repeated again and again in so many lives.

Calming down and focusing on the person: So we are really busy lately in teaching and going on exchanges and what not, and there was one time I realized that I was stressing about getting to the next appointment during a teach with someone else, and I stopped and pondered afterwards: what am I doing? I need to just focus on this person and their needs at this moment, and trust that everything else that day will work out how it is meant to be AND NOT STRESS. I was reading in 3 Nephi today about the Savior visiting the Nephites in the Americas and I love how He was about to leave them after speaking and teaching them, but there is a moment where he just looks at them. He sees they have tears in their eyes, and he feels their faith. He is moved with compassion, and even though he needs to go, he stops to help those in need. He heals those in need, blesses the children one by one, and prays a beautiful prayer to Heavenly Father with them. They are filled with joy, and he is filled with joy. It is this circle of reciprocated love that really brings joy to our lives. BUT, this opportunity and joy that happened could have been easily missed if Jesus was stressed about time. I am learning that everything works out how it is meant to be, and we just need to stop and focus on the person that is right in front of us. I love the quote that goes along the lines that, a problem to be solved should never take priority to a person that needs to be loved.
I love you all,so much.

Sister McLeod    

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