Monday, March 10, 2014


Sun: I am currently in a blouse without a cardigan or raincoat and when I woke up there was light! This is simply glorious, and I hear it is supposed to be like this for the next couple weeks! Seriously it is so crazy how everyone is so much happier when it the sun's out. BUT I have got to remind myself I am in England where the weather is bipolar.
Musical Program: Our ward had a musical evening last night and it was the best for multiple reasons.
1. My love for church music has grown exponentially. I remember when I was a teenager I would not sing hymns, and my mom would tell me to sing, and I would just be my annoying teenager self and be even more silent. Well mom, my attitude has changed :) So rejoice. 

2. Maxie, our amazing investigator, sang a duet of "I am a child of God" with Eve, who is a member and they did so amazing! I felt like a proud parent and was just beaming at her the whole time. George (her husband) is now back from his 5 week Australia work trip being a geologist and he is so amazed to see how Maxie is so enthusiastic about the gospel. She still feels there is a barrier with something, and she can't pinpoint it yet, but she is getting there and we are going to go to the temple with her next week, so we are excited about that. She already feels so a part of the ward that our relief society president has already assigned visiting teachers and another member kept thinking of her for a calling. So Maxie is just amazing. I lover her. After church we made them pizza, and it felt so nice that we are so comfortable with them to have them relax while we made them some lunch.

3. Kieron, sweet sweet Kieron, brought 8 of his family members to the program and they loved it. His granddaughter said she wants to go to church next week with him and his daughter wants to feed us! Man, so wonderful.
Exchanges: I went on exchanges these past 2 weeks. This past week Sister Ensing (from New Zealand-coolest accent ever) came over here to Teignmouth with me and it was so fun! This is her first transfer and she is so bold and has such a fire about her. She got to extend a baptismal date to our investigator, Christopher, and she was so pumped. It made me want to train a new missionary because I just love their enthusiasm and I feel like I know what I am doing more so it wouldn't be as scary as training Sister Chamberlain. Man I love her still and Sister Chamberlain is doing so good. She is on the Isle of Wight with my really good friend from Bristol Sister Lloyd. When I heard they were going to be companions I was so jealous and wanted to go and serve with them in a trio.
3 minutes: Well I have got 3 minutes left, but I just love everyone loads and hope everything is doing alright. Have a lovely week!
Sister McLeod

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