Monday, March 17, 2014


MUM: I get to be a mother again (mission terminology for training a new missionary) and I am so excited!!! President called and told me 2 new ones were coming in and one was from Germany and the other from Denmark. He said that when he interviewed them he would know which one would be right for which companion. STOKED! I think it is going to be the Danish one because Sister Andersen knows her and I guess I feel like I need to keep up the Danish legacy, but who knows. Sister Andersen is going to Bracknell in the Reading zone and although she is sad to leave Teignmouth the great, her beloved greenie area, change is always so good. I always thought I could not love another place and ward as much as I loved Bath, but Teignmouth is rivaling. What I love about life is that wherever you go there is different types of beauty all around. I think we like to stereotype beauty. For example, we stereotype Hawaii for the most beautiful place on earth, blondes with blue eyes, the list goes on, and yes those places and people are beautiful, but everywhere you go there is beauty. We have just got to open our eyes look for the good wherever. BUT I DIGRESS... haha sorry about that tangent. Change is good, and excited/nervous (not as nervous as first time trainig)/humbled to train a new missionary in Teignmouth.

Bishopric: A new bishopric was called in Newton Abbot and I am also so pumped about that because it is Peter Vousden and we are super close to the Vousdens already and they are so involved in the missionary work. They live in Teignmouth too, so ya really happy about that and excited about the future progression of the ward.

English Foods: My mom asked me what my favorite English foods are and I would have to say cottage/shepherds pie and their wide variety of cooked potatoes. Cottage pie is beef and shepherds pie is lamb, and then you put mashed potatoes for the next layer and then sprinkle cheese on top and then cook it in the oven. And you serve it with cooked vegetables and gravy. And of course potatoes. You've got mash, new, boiled, roasted, jacket, ordinary styles of potatoes. My favourite pudding (they call dessert pudding) is anything with custard. It is this thick good cream type liquid you put on different things and it is LUSH! I also like trifle, which is custard a cake, and jelly type of thing. Anyways those are my typical english favs.
Love you loads and loads,
Sister McLeod 
Sister Andersen took a walk on the beach on our last p-day together

This is from the top of Teignmouth, we get our workout in everyday climbing those hills.

We correlate with our ward mission leader Brother Maddock every sunday night and we have dinner as well. So here is a pic of the gang. The old Bishop Woods came along (right), then there is me and Sister Andersen. The Julians, Matthew Maddock, Elder Smith and Stephen, and Deb Maddock.

Will miss this little lady

This is a very blury pic, but this is at the Vousden's home for Family home evening with George and Maxie and we played the game where everyone was different scripture person (labeled on their head) ie. Moses, Jesus, Nephi, and we had to guess who we were by asking questions. Always a good time at the Vousden home :)

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