Monday, March 24, 2014

Travel, travel, travel!

Travel: I passed Stonehenge 6 times this week. That is a new personal record for me that I don't think I will surpass another time my life. I was in the car for 22 hours this week!!! That is what happens when you live in the boonies, but I am so grateful for it because I love the green and pleasant country side of England.

Temple: On Tuesday, Sister Andersen and I drove to the temple with George, Maxie, and Eve. So typical that I got my camera out and took one picture and then it died. But the picture I did get was so beautiful. Sister Andersen has all the other pictures, but unfortunately her new area doesn't have a place to send pics, so you'll have to imagine them. We walked around the grounds, the visitor center sisters gave a little speal, and then we had lunch. I love the peace of the temple grounds and the newness of spring in the air with the dafodills blossoming all around. They had a really lovely time and George said he didn't want to leave. I didn't either. You just feel so safe and secure. It was the best way for Sister Andersen to spend her last day. I feel like Maxie and George are family. I love them and Eve (who is a member and has become bff with Maxie and us) so much.

Staines Round 1: On Wednesday morning the McMurteys (senior couple) picked us up in the morning and we travelled to the Staines chapel. That is the central meeting and switching spot for missionaries who are moving that transfer and there were so many. We did some training, ate lunch, and the new missionaries were all sorted and my new missionary, my child, is Sister Schmidt from Germany! She is so great and hilarious. Full of fire, enthusiasm, super outgoing, talkative, and blunt. She is 19 and has a twin who is nannying right now in Australia at the moment. She is from Leipzig which is in the eastern part. She has been adjusting wonderfully and is ready to work and she is loving how the members are so involved with us. She is so amazing, and I have a lot to learn from her.

Staines Round 2: Less than 24 hours of being in Teignmouth, the zone leaders picked us up Thursday night for Missionary Leadership Council on Friday in Staines. We slept over in Staines because it starts at 8am and that would be ridiculous traveling that early from the Plymouth zone. Sister Schmidt stayed with Sister Pollidario's companion for that day. The AP's called earlier in the week to have me speak about resolving concerns on exchanges and discouraging gossip. I had so many thoughts about it throughout the week, but I could never compile it or organize it, and it was so frustrating. I learned a really important bit on personal revelation from this experience. I prayed so much, and I just felt like I kept hitting a barrier/mental block. I continued to think about it up until Thursday night, but still nothing. I just prayed that night that the Spirit would help guide me when I spoke, but I was so nervous. This is MLC, AP's, all the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and mission so a bit intimidating. BUT the Lord always answers our prayers, and I woke up at 5:45 with a scripture and story, and from that point on, I was able to focus on specific things I wanted to share. I felt more confident, and when it came for me to speak, it just felt so natural and I didn't even have to look at anything, I just knew what to say next. Seriously so grateful for the Spirit, and I love how we just have to trust in it and know it will come even if it is last minute. I'm the only STL Plymouth zone now since Sister Bereno from Colombia is going back to a Spanish branch in London, so now I've got sort out 4 exchanges that are so far away without a car and most of the trains still not wroking. I've got my work cut out for me, but it will all be good.

Well I love you all loads and loads and hope you have a great week.

Pictures from MLC and this is Sister Santo who is from the mission district in San we bonded.
 All the STLS

This is Maxie, George, Eve Somerville (love that lady so much!) and me and Sister Andersen

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