Monday, March 31, 2014

Baptism and Missions

Baptism: One of the elders' investigators was baptized on Friday and at the end of it, Bishop Vousden felt prompted to invite Kieron to come share his testimony. Kieron spoke so beautifully and was so grateful to be there and relive his baptism and his feelings 7 weeks ago. I was just beaming ear to ear. He is so wonderful and doing so well. Just embracing the gospel and being a light to others.  

Paul: Our invetsigator Paul is getting baptized this Saturday! We met him in February as we stopped him in the street. He was one of those who asked to buy the Book of Mormon from us because he saw the value of it. And since then he has read the Book of Mormon, gospel principles, and has been loving church. He is very quiet, asks a lot of interetsing questions, and is a deep thinker. It has been wonderful to see him grow and see how the Book of Mormon and the Spirit are the true converters.

Billie: I recieved the best letter from Billie in Bath who was baptized in December and is 23. She is doing amazing and told me that she is going to go on a mission!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, that filled me with so much joy and I am so exicted for her. She is such an example to me. I feel like people you teach on the mission actually teach you more by their example. 

Pics: OH MY GOODNESS CAN KIERON GET ANY GREATER!? So we had a family home evening at the Vousdens with Maxie, George, Kieron, and Paul. Kieron said he had to pull out his American jumper for just for me. This brought so much joy to me. Whenever I feel sad, I need to just look at this. 

Sister Schmidt enjoying her first fish and chip meal in england. I love fish and chips in england. Their chips are just so amazing.

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