Monday, April 7, 2014


Mothering Sunday: I forget to say about last week March 30th, was Mother's Day here....or rather it is called Mothering Sunday so that was really lovely and odd to celebrate it so early. It still didn't feel like it. It will feel like it when I get to see the cutest mom of all times on May 11th!
Paul's Baptism: It was so lovely. The speakers, Dot Martin and Cynthia Wildin, were both converts, and they shared their journal entries from their baptism and confirmation day. Kieron got to be a witness of it as well. The choir sang, and members came to support so it was wonderful. I just love the members so much here. It really does feel like home, and they are my family. I have been blessed in the two areas I have been so far. It worked out that there was a birthday party at the chapel earlier that day so we had a feast of food for after. Straight after the baptism we watched the Saturday morning conference session at 5 pm. Seriously the best day. Baptism + General conference, what could be better for a missionary?
General Conference: We watched general conference at a member's home with our investigators as well as the senior couple, the McMurteys. So many things stuck out to me, but the one that keeps coming to mind is Elder Uchtdorf's. It was so cute to see how pumped Sister Schmidt was for him. She was saying how much of a hero he is in Germany. I loved his words about gratitude as a way of being, a disposition and who it doesn't mean only saying or counting the good things you have. I love how he spoke of gratitude not of the lips, but of the soul. It made me see gratiude in such a deeper way, and it is something I want to embody more. I am grateful we can see the beauty and joy of life amist the hard times. I think that is the key to figure out in this life of being tested---That even in our hardest times, we can remain grateful. I love being able to hear the words of a living prophet and his apostles. Anyone who hears their words must feel that they are truly inspired. I am grateful for this mission and the continual process of learning how to be happy amidst difficult times. I love you all so much. I love England. It is funny that the things I criticized at the beginning I am beginging to defend as if I'm from here. I'm beginning to say eEnglish phrases and words like it is nomal. Still don't have an accent, but I am grateful that I am truly loving England. Honestly in the beginning, I didn't think I could or would love it this much, but I do.
I love you all.
I went on exchanges with the Torquay sisters this week and I was with Sister Stuart in Teignmouth. She is the one on the left on the pic. I don't think I have laughed so much in one day on my mission. She is hilarious and we had such a good time together. She is from SLC and graduated from East High School with Courtney Curtis! such a small world.
Pic of Paul's baptism. Jon Martin baptized him. Jon Martin is the most jolly English man you can find. He is from Manchester and I love his accent.

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