Monday, April 14, 2014


Highlights of the week:
1. The sun is shining!

2. Our former investigator Alan called us out of the blue and said he needs to come back to church and meet with us! Man, that was the happiest day ever. I love when people go away (false I don't love that part), but the return is so sweet.

3. I recieved my first Mother's day card (since it is earlier here) from Sister Chamberlain! Haha as a trainer I was her mom or mum and it just brought me so much joy. I love her so much, and mother's day is going to be so fun when I am an actual mom.

4. I went on exchanges with Sister Godard! I knew her from BYU Hawaii, and it was so fun to be with her for a day in Redruth. That is truly the boonies of the mission. It is in the county Cornwall and the people there literally think that Cornwall is a separte country from England. It was a two hour drive from Teignmouth. She is such an amazing missionary, and I learned so much from her. All of our plans fell through, but we were able to teach so many people and see miracles. She has been out 1 transfer ahead of me. It was fun at night laughing and reminiscing about Hawaii. Don't worry we aren't trunky or homesick! just having a good jolly laugh. I love going on exchanges with so many sisters because you get to know why and how they came on a mission and it is so inspiring.
 Me and Sister Godard

5. Realizing how much I love being a missionary. This is who I am, it is apart of me, and I love it.

The Plymouth zone with President and Sister Millar
6. Zone training. We met with all the missionaries in our Plymouth zone and it was one of the most spiritual trainings I have been to. I love those moments where you feel the Spirit so strongly reminding you how much this gospel is true and how much our Savior love us.

7. Stake conference weekend: All the missionaries sang together throughout the stake. We had one time to practice 4 songs and we are not the most musical group of missionaries, but the Lord helped us because it sounded alright when we sang.
8. It is a bit of an emotional roller coaster with some of the people we are teaching, and it is so beautiful and reassuring to see that the down is always followed by an up. I am learning to cast my emotional and spirital burdens on the Lord, but it is difficult when you love these people so much. You hurt when they hurt, but I am so glad you experience that joy when it comes to them. And it comes eventually. Happiness always wins. I love how the moment we choose to be unhappy or angry, we are giving up a moment of happiness. And it is just not worth it.
The gospel makes me so happy and I love you all so much! 

Me and Sister Schmidt on P-day in Torquay

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