Monday, May 5, 2014


Full up: Yesterday after church, I just was filled with so much love of the gospel, miracles, Newton Abbot ward, Teignmouth, the people, just everything to the point where I just started crying in happiness. There are these moments where it feels like there are so many blessings that literally you do not have room enough to recieve them. I had a similar experience one of my last Sundays in Bath. It renews my faith, and strengthens my testimony that God is truly a God of Miracles and of love. I feel like my understanding and sincerity of saying that grows stronger and stronger each day. 


1. Testimony meeting yesterday seemed to focus on the missionary work happening in Teignmouth. Bishop is just amazed about all of the people we are teaching and to think the Sisters opened the area 1 year ago. My favorite thing in missionary work is the progression. Seeing an area or person start from nothing and bit by bit, line upon line, growing each day. It parallels to my belief in God and this gospel. Everything good comes from God and the small and simple things each day. When many days go by and you are able to reflect on the progress, it is the best feeling.

2. There were testimonies born for the first time ever yesterday. They were so pure, beautiful and sincere.

3. A recent convert and her familly who had been away for awhile came to church. 

4. Kieron's grand-daughter and boyfriend decided to come to church with no invitation. I asked her why she came today and she said I have no idea, it just seemed right. Both her boyfriend and her have no concept or teaching about who God is and we are teaching them Tuesday at Kieron's. I have been praying for this opportunity to start sharing the gospel with Kieron's family. We had prayed that day that we could reach our goals for new investigators and that was truly a miracle.

5. Denise, who is the best friend of Judy and a member, bore her testimony for the first time in many years directly to Judy and Judy was in tears. She is getting baptized at the end of this month and you could just feel the love and connection. Denise is older and broke her hip, but made it to the stand. 

6. Judy's granddaughter Charly decided to come with her to church.

7. Our zone has been struggling in church attendance and and we fasted for a specific numeric goal that was way above any week we have had thus far, and we reached it exactly yesterday. 

I seriously could keep going and I don't know how meaningful all these things are to a person reading this, but these are people mean everything to me. I love and care about so incredibly much. They mean the world to me and to see God's hand at work helps me and humbles me to know whose work and glory this really is. I feel like the gospel gives us lens to see miracles. So if you haven't cleaned yours lately, clean them and look around to truly see the miracles. I love how the Spirit is constantly telling Nephi in 1 Nephi 11-14 to "Look". Look for the good in others and yourself. I love you all so much, and I'm grateful for your prayers. I really feel them.  

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