Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Mother's Day: I spoke at church, and though it is not Mother's Day in England I said that Moms should deserve 2 days. Anyway so I wished everyone another Happy Mother's Day:) Bishop Vousden's son, Joe, got home from his mission from Leeds and spoke as well. I love how he said toward the end of his mission that he started to only write people that he met that day in his journal because those are the memories he wants to remember forever. I want to start doing that as well. I loved skyping to some of the fam and meeting Elliot! He is my nephew I have never met him and I seriously wish technology was that progressed where I could reach my arms into the computer to hold him. One day! It just made my day that he knows my voice now and smiled :) I'm grateful for the ability to adapt to situations on my mission. My ward mission leader and the elders and ward missionaries were in the other room when I finished skyping and they were all ready correlate about the missionary work. I just had to take a moment and be like wow, thank you Heavenly Father for letting me talk to my family, but now help me just focus on the people and work here. And boom went into the other room and was fine. This is a tremendous blessing because I know how hard it can be for a lot of missionaries.
Temple and Family History Miracle: The Martins in our ward hold a family history event twice a year for anyone who is interested in the community and gave us flyers to pass out. We were determined to find someone to bring to it and on Monday we met Joy. Sure enough, she was super into family history and recognised the church's name from past experiences. We ended up being able to teach her twice that week and she came to the event. It was amazing to see the connection family history has with the gospel.
Jasmine and Christina: I love genuine, thoughtful, and inquisitive young people. Jasmine is Kieron's granddaughter and is so sweet and sincere. She has seen the gospel bring so much happiness to Kieron and had been inside the chapel before for his baptism, a musical fireside, and his talk. She said that she felt such a peace and as we met with her twice this week she continued to feel it and said how much she wants to feel apart of the church. When we extended a baptismal date, she was just smiling and we asked her how she felt and she said excited. She has no religious background, but it is amazing to see that it is our feelings that really helps us know the truth even if our mind can't understand yet. She has such a willing and open heart. The same applies to Christina, who is a student. After meeting with us last week, she was saying how there were so many things that suddenly made her realize how much God was a part of her life. A poem about repentance she had to annotate, a sign on the street about God. She said she felt like she was on the right path and also accepted a baptismal date. I love the sincerity of an honest seeker of God. Both these girls are so humble and striving to be the best people they can be in life. I feel uplifted every time I talk to them and so grateful for this opportunity to share the gospel.
I love you all, it was such a blessing to see your smiling faces yesterday. I hope you have a lovely week!
Sister McLeod

Pictures: Dartmoor p-day, we stopped at Pixie land, this cute little place where there are a million little pixies and gnomes

On the way back from MLC, Sister Godard recieved a package from Hawaii and got li hing moi flavored thing---best thing ever!!!!!!!!!! We were excited!

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