Monday, May 19, 2014


Musical: It was amazing how it all came together. There were little glitches with sound and what not along the way, but that's what I loved about. All of us amateurs coming together and trying our best. Overall though it was very powerful and emotional. The songs sounded so beautiful, and they will be stuck in my head forever. It was a really cool experience for ward members and everyone who came and saw it. I just love this ward so much, I really feel like I am apart of it. Jasmine, Judy, and Maxie's families all came and a lot of friends and family of members. I love the process of events like these, and the actual performance itself is just a cherry on top. All of it and Maxie and George being apart of it was so inspired and a lot of special moments I will cherish. It is cool to see how these events help bring so many people together, less actives, investigators, and members.
Year Mark: Sister Schmidt is the cutest and got a little candle and sang happy birthday to me. She saw a mermaid little bubble bath thing one p-day and thought that it looked like me and so that was my gift:) It was the best. She is hilarious.
Blur: This week has been such a blur of events of zone conference in Poole, exchanges, musical rehearsals, and the musical. A lot of great things happening here. Teignmouth is just the absolute best. Jasmine is just loving praying and church. Christina feels like she is on the right path, and Judy is getting closer and closer to baptism. There are great things happening, but there not without some trials for them along the way. I just love the optimisim of the prophet's example of how things will work out. They always do, and I am so grateful for that.  

I love this gospel and I love the Book of Momon. It makes more and more sense eveytime I read it. I love you all so much and keep doing doing those small and simple things. They make the biggest difference.
Sister McLeod
 Sister McMurtey holding Sara McGuiness's baby who was born on Wednesday. So presh, his name is Oscar. 
 Some pictures of the musical rehearsal and year mark.

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