Monday, May 26, 2014


Sorry this will be a short letter because it is a bank holiday here and we had to go to the McMurtrey's to email and I am on their tablet and it is super frustrating to write on and taking forever. So sorry if I haven't responded to you, next week for sure! 

Updates: We had interviews with President this week and he said I would be going next week. He didn't know where or with who, but I'll be finding out this week. Teignmouth feels like home and I have loved every minute these past 7 months, but I am ready for a new chapter and challenge of my life and mission. Change is good. I will miss Sister Schmidt and everyone but as my good friend Kieron always says it's only bye for now. Judy is getting baptised on Saturday so that is really special :) I love her so much and so proud of her decision. She was thinking of moving the following week, but as soon as she heard I would probably be going, she said, "Well you have to be there so May 31 it is!" :) May 31 is also the day my trainer, Sister Barker is getting married. So it is a good day to make some covenants with God. :) I love what my president said when I asked him about how you endure well to the end of your mission and life. He said, "When you view your mission as your own time you will say I've done enough and deserve a break and towards the end you may use it as an excuse to not work as hard. When you see your mission as the Lord's, you will understand that this is His time and you would never want to waste this any of His precious time. And you will see that your work doesn't end even when you go home." I think we can apply that to the rest of our lives. He has all given us this life and body to learn, grow, and develop and we should be grateful for it. We should be selfless with our talents and time because it is not really ours, it is His. I love sharing Alma 34:32 with so many people. This really is the time to prepare to meet God and enjoy this life helping one another. I love you all and hope you have a lovely week. I can be patient with people being rude, but my patience with this tablet is testing me. Haha, I have never been the best with technology. Love you loads.

Sister McLeod

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