Monday, June 2, 2014

Lots of Happenings and Pictures!

Judy and Denise at her baptism
Wow what a lovely week! I am just filled with gratitude for the love I feel for evey person I've met in Teignmouth and Newton Abbot. My eyes have been annoyingly leaking. I took pictures of a lot of people who have made an impact on my life. I didn't get everyone, but here are a million pictures.

Bourenmouth: Presdient called Saturday morning and asked me to pinkwash an area and train a new missionary. Pinkwash means that the area used to have elders, but they have closed it down for a bit and are now opening it to sisters. I am excited/scared, but more on the excited part to begin this new adventure. It will be fun to train and to come into the area together knowing nothing about the place or ward. I think what awaits me is a lot of prayers, getting lost, but seeing a lot of miracles as well. I guess I can't get out of the southwest of England haha, but I am blessed to be going to a seaside city again. 

Judy's baptism: I have been teaching Judy since December. It was really cool how it all came to be because we felt prompted to go by a older member Denise who lived at the very top of Teignmouth when I was with Sister Andersen. Me being a novice to Teignmouth I thought it would take 15 minutes to walk there, but with the hills it ended up being 50 minutes. I am proud to say when Sister Schmidt and I walked there a couple of days ago it only took 30 minutes, so I'm getting in shape with all these hills :) But during that time with Denise the Spirit was very strong as we got to know her and when we asked if there was anyone we could go by, she told us about her beloved friend Judy whom she has known for 30 years. We stopped by and once every 2 weeks turned into once a week which turned in to 2 then 3 times a week. Judy cannot lie, and it has been so fun teaching her because she will say exactly what is on her mind and ask wonderful questions. She has a heart of gold and does anything for her family and friends. I love her so much. The baptismal service was so special as Denise spoke about friendship. They were both in tears and it just made me tear up as well. Charlotte, her grand-daughter sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." At the last moment she got scared she couldn't hit the high parts so we offered to sing it with her. Man we, or more me, made her look good because of my not so good voice, but it was special and she is the cutest and has made me braclets and a little smirf for a good bye present. What a special memory to end in Teignmouth.

Miracle teach:  I want to talk about this miracle of a teach we had. We met Christina on the street a month back. She is 17 and we have been meeting her at this little bench/pavilion right by the sea when members aren't able to have her in their home. We came to the teach with Elisa, a member who just got called to the Adelaide Australia mission (fun fact for you all), and turns out Christina brought her friend Louise who is interested. It gets better. We start teaching word of wisdom and law of chastity after a brief overview and how to begin teaching for Louise when a lovely girl turns around from another bench and says "Hey! I am really interested in what you are talking about, can I join in?". It was such an amazing experience and we are now meeting with both of those girls as well as Christina. Christina's mom let her finally come to church and so that was another miracle as well!

Teignmouth: I have loved this place and people with all my heart and I've really learned on the mission that home is where ever the gospel and love is. I am grateful to have seen the incredible progress of this area and see Kieron, Paul, Judy enters the waters of baptism. Things are conitnuing to progress and hopefully when I visit in a couple years there will be a Teignmouth ward.

I love you all so much, and appreciate your love and support. It means a lot.

Heather, Rebecca, Oliver, and me. I don't have time to write about her, but I know one of the reasons I needed to be here was to be with Heather during this really difficult part of her life. She said you are like a sister to me, and I feel the same way. There have been so many ups and downs, and I am so blessed to know this family.

 Judy, charlotte, me and Smirf

Vousdens = Amazing family, I don't know what we would do without them. That is Bishop and his wife Susan (I think she looks like Aunt Anne), his son Joe who returned from his mish 2 weeks ago in Leeds and Shannon, the prettiest 16 year old ever!

Maxie, she is also like another sister and she is planning on being baptised, she is just waiting for the penny to drop on a few things. She is pretty much a member already though and we have been through a lot together.

This is one of the many meals we have had together and it is so cute they always just give me a fork because I am American and am not the best with the knife/fork approach of Europeans.

Elisa Zuchic is the sweetest person ever. She is from Croatia but moved with her Mom 6 years ago to England and joined the church. She got her mission to Adelaide Australia. How cool is that!

Miracle teach. Emily had to go before the end, but here's a pic of Christina, Louise, me, and Elisa.

Dohertys. They an an Irish family who moved into the ward last year. They came pretty much with nothing and I am so grateful for their example of stalwart faith. We go every Thursday to them for dinner and they are hilarious in such an English dry humour type of way. 

My choir family!!!!!! Love every single one of them sooo much!

Sara McGuiness is the mom of 8! Can you believe it?. She just had little cute oscar, who is already being so musical

Hilarious Sister Schmidt: We were doing Judy's garden and Sister Schmidt was frustrated her fence wouldn't fit and she was like find me a saw, and I was like sister come on, it is alright, but no she would not leave it like that so we find her a saw and she just keeps sawing for a good 20 minutes. 

Stella and Kids: They were baptised in September, and they are just so great. Stella is AMAZING! So much respect for everything she has done as a single mom with everything that happened in the past. They are just so loving and fun.

Sam and Bryony: Love these two.

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