Monday, June 9, 2014


To begin, sorry if my responses might be shorter because we only have 1 and half hours in this library as opposed to 2 hours we got in my last area. 
Missionaries: On Wednesday I made the last trek from the Plymouth zone to Staines. There were so many missionaries there and it was so good to see a lot of people I haven't seen for a while. All of my district from the MTC was there and we took a pic together. So fun to see how much we have grown in one year. One just got called to be an AP, 2 are zone leaders, and the other 2 are district leaders and training. Sister Cowley just came off the Channel Island Jersey and is sister training leadering it up in the reading zone. love it!
Sister Sargsyan: My new companion is from ARMENIA!!! Ya I had to look on a map too... She began learning English 2 weeks ago in the MTC and it is her 6th language! She speaks Russian, Farsi, Spanish, Armenian, and Georgian. She is super beautiful and very glamous. It has been a really fun last couple of days getting to know each other and this new area.
Bournemouth: Bournemouth is so beauitful and so different than quiet, white-filled people of Teignmouth. There is a university here and it is a proper city and SO diverse. It is also very touristy. I seriously have talked to people from like 50 different countries already. There is a nice white sandy beach and we live right near the high street, so it is a good location. The Bournemouth ward feels like a proper American ward and hasn't had sister for years so they are really liking us. There are a million activities going on and they are a very involved ward. It is pretty large, and there are another set of elders in the ward. They had 2 Chinese elders here and one of the elders in Staines handed me the key to the flat and phone and said good luck. The flat was not in the worst condition, but we are definietly going to spend some time cleaning. It is amazing how the Lord is helping me understand all the different buses and areas very quickly. There is so much potential here and right now we are focusing on just getting to know and serve the members, and to build our investigator pool because we started from scratch but are already meeting with 3 people these next couple of days. There are so many people here so we are always talking to everyone. SO blessed to be here and exicted for the progress ahead.
Miracles: I feel like there are too many to count, but it just seems like there have been members we have met and people on the street that need us at this time and it is amazing how the Lord directs you even though you may think it is all random or you are going in the wrong direction. I honestly haven't gotten stressed because I know I just have to trust in the Lord where I need to be. One lady took a route she has never been before and has been lately thinking about where her Dad is who passed away recently. Gabby from Venzuela feels like there is somethign missing from her life and wants to learn more. Steven asked for the Book of Mormon and is seeking to find the right church. Amazing things happening and excited to keep on trusting in the Lord to be in the right place and say the right things.
I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister McLeod

Kieron and Jasmine in Teignmouth

My MTC disctrict united

Sister Sargsyan

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