Monday, June 16, 2014

Loads of Potential

Bournemouth: It is so diverse and there are so many people everywhere! Kind of a crazy place. We have had some cool experiences when we started talking to someone, and a couple people overheard and came to join us. One time it turned out to be a Christian from Angola, a Muslim family from Pakistan, and us speaking about the plan of salvation. Another time we stopped a man in the street from Portugal and went to a bench, and when we stopped talking to him two English guys from the military were intrigued and wanted to learn more. When we were talking to them, a man heard the word Jesus and wanted to join in. He told us he ran a Christian radio station and wanted us to come on it. And someone else we met wants us to come to an interfaith forum, so ya we are meeting loads of people and just building our teaching pool, weeding out who is really interested, but there are loads and loads of potentials.
World Cup: One of our neighbors are Brasilians and were going nuts when Brazil played, it was good fun listening to them and Sister Sargsyan stealthily took some pics or their dancing and celebrating, I'll send some next week. And when we were someing home there was a massive group of people all celebrating and getting ready for England to play. I don't know if they won or not, but ya world cup is a big deal over here. I completely forgot basketball existed until my Dad told me their was the NBA championship.
Sister Sargsyan: Just some fun facts about my comp. She was Miss Armenia like 5 times and has met Kim Kardashian. Her dad is the stake president in Armenia, there is one stake and they joined the church when she was 2. She is really funny and kind of a diva and we are writing down funny moments of learning enlgish every day. For instance, we were inviting someone to a musical fireside and she said ya come and we will sit by the fire and sing songs. soooo funny, but yes fireside is a weird word.
Love you all soooooo much! and hope you have a lovely week.

Sister McLeod

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