Monday, June 23, 2014

Training Experiences

Bournemouth: The great. It is sooo sunny and warm and so many people out. It is great being new sisters because families are giving you people that they think sisters would be better for and so we are starting to have a good investigator pool with part member families. 

Training: Sister Sargsyan keeps on coming out with the craziest stories about her life and mini mission in Georgia that is so hilarious. I think I need to write a book for her. Like for example in Armenia I guess it is common for men to try to kidnap the person they want to marry if she refuses and this one man (out of many admirers of Sister S) tried to take her when she was going to her car in the grocery store car park, and I guess he is still parked out near his house today waiting for her! Creepy. He even bought her a car. Anyways stories like this keep coming up and I am just loving it. It is so interesting training a lot because every experience and person is completely different. You have sweetheart Sister Chamberlain who I got along really well with in Bath where I was really nervous to train and all our investigators seemed to drop us right before she came. You have sensitive and thoughtful Sister Andersen from Denmark coming into the new area of Teignmouth and starting from 1 investigator and building the area. You have hilarious, talkative, straightforward Sister Schmidt from Germany coming in at the height of success in Teignmouth. And then we've got confident and glamorous Sister Sargsyan from Armenia coming into Bournemouth, both of us new to the area figuring it out and learning English. Missionaries have come up to me and said oh you must be the best trainer, but honestly I feel like I am learning so much every time, being humble and realising how many things I need to work on. I am so grateful for companions being patient with me. I am learning by trial and error with every companion and I liken that to how it will be as a mother. Every child and circumstance in your life will be different. But I love the gospel and the ability to change everyday and just keep trying amidst imperfect.   

Miracle After Church: We had just left church and were walking down the road when we stopped and talked to this Portuguese lady. She wasn't very interested so we kept on walking and I noticed this guy was staring really creepily at my companion and following us, so I said walk fast and pass these two ladies in front of us. The two ladies were wearing really pretty dresses and we said hey I like your dress and started to walk with them. Turns out Bertille from somewhere in Africa was looking for the church and her friend Tamsyn had decided to go with her. She had been baptised in 2008 in Southhampton, but had lost contact to the church and was just going to any Christian church service she could find. We said well we can just go back to the chapel right now and talk and so we did that and it was so amazing to hear her conversion and her friend is super interested too. It is amazing how the Lord works and put them in our path for a reason. Even that creepy guy so we could walk faster and talk to these lovely ladies.  

Well I love you all so much! It is so exciting to here updates here and there and shoutout to Mrs. Kaitlyn Taylor who is not Kaitlyn Taylor anymore. I saw one picture and you looked beautiful. Have such a lovely and sunny week. Someone said it is going to be a warm summer in England so I will take that!

Sister McLeod

Oh and we took a pic outside the chapel because they were all matching except me

I am getting the best watch tanline ever! Sister S and I in this giant balloon that goes up and down and we got permission to go on it today! And us at the beach on good old p-day.

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