Monday, June 30, 2014


200: Our mission ever since January has been working to have 200 people at church by the month of June. I think the highest we ever got was 180 a couple months ago. Our mission all fasted and prayed together last week to reach our goal since it would be the last week of June. And this week there was 203 people! I just love the combined and collective power of faith. The part member family we are teaching is the best. Phoebe is 11, Jack is 13, and Brad is 16. The three of them came to church yesterday and loved it. We had a ward picnic after and then a baptism of one of the members. We are really focusing on building and supporting the members in their missionary work and they are being so willing! 

DVD Contacting: We wanted to switch things up in our finding so we took the portable DVD player with some Mormon messages and went around asking people if they wanted to be uplifted by a short inspiring message. We had a really positive experience and met a man from Teignmouth who we referred to the sisters there!!!! I think we will be doing some more of that because I mean who doesn't want to see a Mormon message! Haha, I seriously love those videos so much. Who needs television when you've got those!? Even after the mish, I am going to always be watching those. is the best.

Shower: The rain drops in Bournemouth are GINORMOUS! I seriously don't remember them being this thick in Teignmouth and Bath. We were walking and randomly it just started pouring and we were soaked within 2 minutes. I don't even think a raincoat or an umbrella had a chance. I love rain though. You just learn to laugh when you get soaked, but honestly the weather is not as bad in England as everyone seem to make of it.

Funny things: There are too many too count. But there was this one man from Saudi Arabia who would not stop trying to ask Sister Sargsyan on a date. I mean relentless. He was not going to take no for an answer or an explanation we are missionaries or anything. So we ended up giving him Teignmouth's number so that will be a fun phone call for them :) 

God knows us: I was having a particularly hard moment one day and I got my first letter in this flat from my family and it is amazing what a couple words can do to give you comfort. My sister wrote something along the lines of try your best and do everything you can, but then leave the rest for Heavenly Father to figure it out. Those words helped me so much, and I also love how Heavenly Father gives us those reminders all the time in the scriptures. The gospel is all about remembering and so grateful to constantly being reminded that God knows us and wants to help us out all the time. 

I love you all so much, have an amazing week!
I'll forward the ones sisters sent me from our week :) 

On P-day we went to this waffle place. All I have to say is oreo. nutella. ice cream. bananas. and waffle= the greatest thing ever created!

This is a pic of a missionary who was in the mission who just came home and now visiting. So weird that Elders' have first names!

There is one room in our house that was left like this. It is pretty much a hoarder's room. 

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