Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July

Hospital: We were on the bus headed to an appointment and right when we got off the bus Sister Sargsyan just said I feel like I'm going to lose my mind (she meant pass out) and then said she could not feel the right side of her body or her face so i helped her to sit down and rushed to this store next door to get her some water. She really couldn't communicate very well and so I called President and he said to go to the hospital. We called a member to pick us up and we went there and they couldn't figure out why and it eventually wore off after 3 hours. It was a bit scary, but just felt a peace through it all. From that experience I learned we have the most loving members, many of them coming right when they heard especially to give her a blessing. She cannot sleep at all still so going on like a week of getting 1-2 hours of sleep, but she is the biggest trooper. She is still working hard, even though I have no idea how her body is doing it. President came to our church to see how she was doing, and we are meeting with a doc this week. So keep Sister Sargsyan in your prayers. 

4th of July: I was on exchanges with Sister Nelson (from Utah) in Salisbury so in the beginning of our companion study we did a little remix mash of american hymns. Good to be with an American. I love England, but the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. One of our members has a sister from Ohio who is living here, and so she put on a 4th of July party (on the 5th). It was so cute how she was decked out with everything American and making sure eveything was right. Also on that day, the Poole Stake celebrated 50 years of it being built so there was a massive dinner and celebration with 250 members. And it was cool to hear a lot of memebrs stories of helping to build it. Such a good time, so in a way the 4th was celebrated here across the pond :)

A few miracles: We met this man named Mike as he was delivering parcels, and he is the best. He wants to get baptised and quit smoking and was able to come with us to the fourth of july party and the poole celebration and just loved all the members. We stopped a man in the street and turns out he was baptised when he was 10 and hadn't been to church for 25 years and wanted to come...and so he did and loved it! It has been a good week filled with some hospital drama, but accompanied always with miracles and fun. I love you all so much!

Reppin the red, white and blue with Sister Nelson + Bastian. 

Salisbury Cathedral = gorgeous! Salisbury is right next to Amesbury too, where Stonehenge is.

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