Monday, July 14, 2014

Make the World Shine Where you Stand

Emma Jane Headrick: Is the new cutest baby girl in the world and a little shoutout to my sister April! I love my family so much and can't wait to meet this new little cutie:)

"Make the world shine where you stand" --Sister Schmidt
E-mailing: Ha I feel like most of my e-mailing is to my old companions or other missionaries all over the world, but I wanted to start with that quote from my dear Sister Schmidt. She is pumped that Germany won the world cup and Teignmouth is still doing amazing :) I miss that place. It is funny you get to an area and when you leave you think man there is no ward or place better, but then you say the same thing again when you leave another area. But I love that idea about wheverever you are in life or the world make it a little brighter.

Transfers: I'm still here in Bournemouth with Sister Sargsyan this upcoming transfer and loving reflecting on a transfer to see all of the little miracles and progress even if is the littlest things progress is still progress. I don't have too much time to write today but sending all my love and I want to leave you with this quote that my good friend, Hailey I met in Jerusalem just sent me.

"We are never alone. The teacher is always silent during a test. There are so many times in our lives where we feel alone. No one there to hold your hand, dry your tears or give you words of encouragement. But we are truly never alone, God is always there and hears our prayers. Sometimes we may have to struggle, get hurt and betrayed. Without struggle how would we grow? The Lord only puts you through something He intends to help you through. He is always there no matter if He answers your prayers directly or not; He has a plan for you, He knows you're strong enough to overcome. In the toughest of days, it is essential to stay obedient and have faith. Your loving Father in Heaven would never leave you alone in this mortality to wander in the dark. You need not be deceived  You can overcome the darkness of this world and discover divine truth."
-Neal A Maxwell

I really know we are never alone, and am so grateful for spreading this simple, yet most important truth every day.

Sister McLeod

Here is a little collage of us on p-day waiting for the good old bus

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