Monday, October 27, 2014

Balloon Popping

The moment where you feel more comfortable in ward council than at a YSA game night....that is when you know you've been on a mission a good long time. Haha, ya that was me and Sister Barnes this week.

Balloon popping: I had an exchange with Sister Jacobsen. I don't know if I told you how I totally thought I was going to train her instead of Sister Schmidt, but that is the one. She is AMAZING! She was born in Denmark, but then grew up in Zimbabwe, then went to uni in England to study law and is a convert of 3 years. She has such a powerful testimony that just hits you to the core with the Spirit. We stayed in Bournemouth and had a jam packed day of teaching, but then we did some finding. We wrote a question (ie: Do you believe in God? What do you think happens after we die, you know question of the soul type of stuff) and rolled it up and put it in a balloon. We blew it up and just went around asking people if they wanted to pop a balloon and answer a question inside. It was so effective! Most nearly everyone we stopped was game for it. It was cool that a girl said she wouldn't have stopped to talk to us unless she was intrigued by the balloon. I mean who doesn't love popping a balloon.

Stake Conference: We had stake conference this weekend and Sister Barnes and I were asked to teach the Restoration in 10 minutes to a fake investigator in front of everyone. We were nervous, but the Spirit kicked in and was really special. The Poole stake is getting bigger and can't hold everyone in Poole so this is the first time they hired a place in the Bournemouth International Centre. It was really cool, and Paulo our investigator really loved it. He is doing amazing and is planning to be baptised on November 15th, but he wants it to be earlier so that is awesome! 

We really had an amazing week, and I was able to really feel the Spirit more fully in every aspect. I'm so grateful to be here in this place in this moment surrounded by people I love so much. I'm really trying to focus on the moment because this time is precious to the Lord and it His time not my own, and I better not waste it. I love you all and hope you are enjoying the moment of today.

Sister McLeod

Haha, just a little fun Sister Barnes and I had on an empty bus one night coming home. We tried to look like we were on a roller coaster...ohh the things that amuse Sister Barnes and I. We laugh so much. She will literally kill me on the mission from laughter.

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