Monday, October 20, 2014


Hannah's baptism: Becca Lever, who I adore SO much, is a convert of 2 years and Hannah was someone she worked with. Hannah saw the elders on the bus one day and then talked to Becca about the church. Becca sent the elders around to see her and she was amazingly prepared and so ready to change and accept the gospel in her life. 3 weeks later she was baptised and she bore her testimony at her baptism and the Spirit really touched me. She is such a beautiful girl. Paulo, our investigator, came to the baptism and felt a lot of emotion and is so excited about his baptism and was telling everyone about November 15th:) as his day. He can't wait! We taught him the word of wisdom and he accepted it like a champ without any complaints and we didn't even have to commit him. He said it sounds like I need to quit smoking. I love when you can see people's faith increasing to the point where they don't even doubt it and take their own initiative to follow Christ. I love when people use their agency wisely.

Primary Program: is my favorite Sunday of the year. The primary here in Bournemouth is huge 40 plus, and I think of that scripture that we must become like a little child to enter into the kingdom of God. Their humility and cuteness just overwhelms you with the Spirit. I love how these little kids teach you so much about the gospel simply. The most tender part was when Charlie, who has special needs, said I love my family. Appropriately after we all sang together I Stand All Amazed. We were able to teach Justine (WHO IS THE COOLEST LADY EVER) Jo's friend) twice this week and then she came to the primary program and loved it. After one teach she said how re-energized she felt and I love the happiness and energy the gospel brings into life.

Life is wonderful. The gospel is true and can help anyone who tries it. I love how I tell people you really don't have to take my word for it at all, just try it and you can feel the Spirit for yourself tell you if it is true or not. I love that the depth of our conversion comes from doing the small and simple things daily. I love you all!

Sister McLeod  

 Birthday pic

This is us trying to take a pic with Elder Idso and Stephen at zone conference and President Millar's awesome voice.

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