Wednesday, July 10, 2013


                                  Me enjoying and basking in the sun at Victoria Park on P-day

The Lord has blessed us with an amazing week! And happy late fourth of July, it was funny to be in the place your country broke away from. The ward even had a July 5th BBQ! Anyway, here are some things I am grateful for.

1. It has been SUNNY for more than one day! Summer has arrived and I actually sweated, or (more of a posh way I like to say glisten) for the first time on my mission! Don't think I'd ever be grateful for such a thing, but it feels like California and Hawaii weather! Haha everytime I start talking to a person about how great the weather is the true English person's response is to tell me it is too hot and they feel like they are getting heatstroke.

Baptism of the Daniels Family
2. Seeing the Daniels family be baptized! The elders have been teaching them ever since I arrived and the Spirit was so strong and special at the baptism. Lily, the 12 year old, came up to me a couple weeks in and said Sister McLeod, I've made 2 good decisions. One, I'm going to go on a mission like you, and two, I've decided to get baptized. That made me so happy and I loved the order of it too:) Those two decisions have been the best decisions I have ever made in my life and it brings me joy to see their family embracing the gospel. For a present we made them future Elder Daniels and future Sister Daniels name tags.

3. My first investigator came to church on my mission! Man, that was the best feeling and you see once you are out how difficult it is for people to follow through on coming to church. And church was so perfect and she really enjoyed it. I cannot wait to continue teaching Lauren because she is soaking it all in and is so wonderful! She is my age, like literally born in the same, best month of October :)

4. The members. Seriously missionary work is meant to be done with members side by side. You don't realize how important a strong family/member is and valuable you can be to bringing people to the gospel. We are all in this together, the work is hastening, I can feel it and see it. The progress we have made in my first 6 weeks is truly incredible. Miracles are happening, and members take a huge role in it. I love the Bath ward so much.

5. I'm staying in BATH! So every 6 weeks is a moves and you can either move to another place or get another companion or both, and so we got the call yesterday that Sister Barker and I are staying for another moves! I had guessed it, but you never know and it felt sooooo good. And on the week of moves you don't have p-day on Monday (it is called Black Monday haha) and either have Wednesday for a p-day or to go to your new area. This is the last moves before she goes home and I want to make it the best one yet for her and I have such good feelings about it and I cannot wait to see the miracles of this moves.

Sister Barker and I in our flat - Pretty sweet!

6. YIBO! Okay so Yibo is this awesome universtity student from China and a month ago we had a great teach and he said how he wanted to be baptized. And then of course he fell completely out of our radar. We texted him and called him many times and had no response, and randomly throughout the weeks I would just say to Sister Barker, where is Yibo!? So to our amazement, Yibo texted us last week and apologized because he had to make an emergency trip back to China for a job interview and so that was the happiest moment ever. We met with him the next day and set a date for his baptism! GAHHHHHHHHHH so amazing and so much joy. I love all our investigators so much, it's almost like they become your children because you care for them so much. Sorry I used much way too much.

7. My family is all together at a family reunion and it is the first one I have ever missed and I think Jeff isn't there too because of job internship. So weird the youngest 2 aren't there, we are growing up gahhh! But send all my love to the Moores, Petersons, Harnishes, Suzukis, and especially my cute grandpa Mac :)

Anyway I'm sending my love from a beautiful and sunny Bath. Hope you have a brilliant week!

Cheers, peace, and love,
Sister McLeod

These are pictures getting artsy and classy in the Holburne museum on a p-day. I loved it so so so much.

 Greetings from Poultney Bridge

P-day we went to the Roman bath. It was pretty interesting, they gave us a headset to do a guided tour and I felt like I was back in Jerusalem.

Scripture cigarettes for our member who is struggling with quitting smoking. Aren't they cute?


  1. Love your posts Mackenzie! We're praying for you! ! ;) Thira

  2. Aloha Mackenzie., my niece who lives in Bath & likes family history. See if ya can visit 'em.Her hubby is Anglican & have 2 kids.He owns a Spanish restaurant in Bath. Aloha! Here 's her email. ;

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