Monday, July 15, 2013

English 101

Oh my goodness, it is proper hot here! They said they didn't have a summer last year, and that this weather is supposed to last a month. I'm starting to understand how missionaries in hot places feel, the sun drains you, but I am getting a sweet farmer's tan and shoe tan line so I am counting my blessings. And the sun makes everyone friendlier :) Yesterday I was told I have a beautiful accent, so I felt pretty cool for a minute. The english accent is so normal to me and I used to think I wanted to have one, but I just like how I talk because it is me. My companion has mostly had foreign companions, and so her accent is kinda like a hodgepodge of something. No one can ever figure it out when they are talking to her, it's funny, but she says I am Americanizing her again, prepping her to go back in 6 weeks! 

Family: Marina sent me pics of the farm, and it looked so fun and made me so happy all my nieces and nephews are getting to have that experience we all had. Some of the best memories of my childhood were there :) Give all my love to the kiddos.

Here is a list of the differences or things I love about England I've started to make. And this is all my bias and I have only been in one place, Bath and the surrounding towns/villages for about a month and a half so ya it is just my opinion. Bath is a city and as you get further you get more in the country in places like Radstock, Mid Somer Norton, etc. I get the best of both worlds being in the beautiful countryside and in the city. 

1. They say Hiya, and I love it because hi is too short and hello is to formal.
2. When someone says "have a good day!" you respond "and you!" instead of you too.
3. Food tends to run on the bland side, it is still good.
4. Trousers = pants
5. Pants = underwear
6. Petrol station = gas station
7. They say garage gare--idge
8. Never seen so many different flowers
9. Eat everything with potatoes
10. May appear standoffish, but they are softies at heart :)
11. Chips = fries
12. Crisps = chips
13. Squash is their form of juice. It is like instant crystal light, you buy a high concentrated container and then pour mostly water and then a little of the squash.
14. Loo/toilet = bathroom
15. Men tend to be better dressed
16. Everything is crammed/narrow. Cars, roads, houses are so narrow. I have mad respect for bus drivers, I really don't get how they don't hit anything.
17. Everywhere is saturated with green. So beautiful.
18. Lack of trust of government/health system--I think that is a universal thing
19. Dental care = super expensive
20. The water is very hard. I don't know if that makes sense, but there are so many minerals in it and when I take a bath, I never feel very clean, and you need a ton of shampoo and soap.
21. Their beans in a can are in a tomatoe sauce base and beans on a toast is so delicious!
22. Roundabouts everywhere!
23. Everyone loves to talk about the weather. If it is raining, they says it is rubbish outside. If it is hot, they say it is too hot to do anything.
24. I love when they say "I can't be bothered." to let you know they don't care or are too lazy. I love saying this one.
25. When saying bye or thanks = Cheers!

Spiritual: I finished reading the Book of Mormon again! And you know what, it is still true, but I love to keep asking God again if it is because He will confirm that truth to our heart and mind time and time again by the Holy Ghost. We just have to ask. And so I Mackenzie Kaitlyn McLeod want to let you know that I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and was translated by Joseph Smith, a prophet called of God. Because I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon, I have a stronger knowledge of my Savior's love and know what I must do and become to live with Him and my Heavenly Father again. It brings clarity and companionship to the Bible. There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God except us choosing to reject it. I know as we read the word of God, we are led to the love of God. I know that reading the Book of Mormon daily converts us more fully unto the Lord and so I look forward to reading it again. In fact I read 1 Nephi chapter 1 today and saw it in a whole new light even though I have read it countless times. The lessons we learn from the Book of Mormon relate to each of our lives. This gives me a further witness this book written 2 thousands years ago lets us know God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Although the standards of the world may change, His truth remains constant and enduring. The Book of Mormon is full of good, and that good comes from God. Until I read it again, and write another testimony I leave with you these words that are completely sincere and have come because of taking the time to read, ponder, and pray. Do those three things and you'll learn for yourself :) That is what I'm doing everyday, inviting others to learn for themselves.
Lots of loves,
Sister McLeod

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