Monday, August 19, 2013


K I don't have much time other than to say President called me last night and I am training! Hahaha mission humour is unique and right after the phone call I yelled "I am with child" and Sister Barker said "I'm going to be a grandma." There is all this mission terminology and trainer's are moms and you are born and die in certain areas, so ya oh my gosh I am feeling way overwhelmed, but this is the letter I wrote to President because I don't have much time to write or respond to anyone today. I am getting picked up in 45 mins to join the sisters in Bristol for 2 days and then I will go pick up my new companion on Wednesday! 

My letter to President:
I read Phillipians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" and am so grateful for the atonement and accessing its help through prayer. I don't know if I have appreciated it as much in my life as I do now. On Saturday morning I had the biggest heartbreak of my mission so far. Sonia, the most special and lovely woman who we have been teaching for 6 weeks and was planning to be baptized August 31st, was taken away from us. She knows it is true and she was getting so excited for her baptism. Her family found out about her wanting to be baptized and they were so against it that when we arrived Saturday morning her friend told us to give us our word we would never contact Sonia again. She looked at us with so much anger in her eyes. Sweet Sonia didn't even get two words in, but just kept saying I am so sorry. I was in complete shock, and immediately after we turned the corner, I burst into tears. I felt so much hurt, and it let me once again feel a fraction of Heavenly Father's pain when we turn away from him. I felt so much anger towards Satan, but I am thankful for turning to Him in prayer and letting Him take the sadness I was feeling and replace it with peace and trust. It is His work, Sonia is His child, and I have to trust in Him. I appreciated in your letter when you said "May the negative influences that will come from the adversary be recognized for what they are and not interfere with the progress of the work". I am learning that the hard way, but I am determined to not let Satan think he has victory over me as a capable missionary who will continue to share the truth. There is opposition in all things, but I know the truth will prevail.

I know this experience is making me a stronger and missionary and preparing me to train. It was a painful experience, but a necessary one to move on and experience the joy of the work.I love you all and pray for you! And sorry I couldn't respond to most of you this week, but I will be writing next Monday with my new companion!! Gahhhh,  I feel like a teenage mom. 

Love lots & Cheers,

Sister McLeod

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