Monday, August 26, 2013

New Companion

Bristol: Monday morning, the zone leaders picked Sister Barker and I and dropped me off in Bristol with Sister Lloyd {Utah} and Sister Grobler {South Africa}. I gave Sister Barker a big hug and just took a deep breath knowing that I can do this. The Lord is helping me. It was such a blessing being with Sister Lloyd and Sister Grobler because it allows you to see what is working for them, how they teach, and advice for your investigators. It is awesome too because we are all so young in the mission! Sister Lloyd is 6 weeks ahead of me training Sister Grobler who is 6 weeks behind me. Over half of our mission in October will be out less than 6 months. On Tuesday I found out my other baptismal date Natalie no longer wants to be taught and be baptised and man that was hard. It seemed like all of our investigators were starting to drop us, but I knew it was a trial of my faith and it was preparing me to train. I think I was talking and praying to God most of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdayhahaha, and man I can testify he answers prayers and we have to trust Him.

Deja Vu Wednesday: The new couple missionaries for the Bristol YSA, the Preeces (who are from Scottsdale and know the Pilkingtons) picked me up in Bristol and we drove 2 hours to Staines to get my new companion! It felt like deja vu being in that same building where I sat just 3 months ago awaiting to hear where I was going and who was training me. I remember the feelings of being overwhelmed and thinking wow all those elders and sisters are so big and amazing and really know what they are doing. Ha to be on the other side of the spectrum was interesting to be strong and confident, but in the inside still freaking out a little bit and being nervous for this great responsibility. It was so great to see so many elders and sisters from the MTC {Missionary Training Center} and see us growing and some of us training. I knew that first day I just wanted someone to come and hug me and talk to me, and so that is exactly what I did to the incoming 7 sisters. I got so excited to see them and just focused on them feeling comfortable and loved. It was weird to see all of them and just wonder which one was mine. After lunch, it was time for the sorting, and it is like the most exciting thing ever. The sisters were first and the fourth one in, President said Sister Chamberlain you will be in Bath with Sister McLeod.

My child: Sister Chamberlain: Oh my goodness when they said that I felt so much love, and just went over and hugged her. She is amazing! She is from Salt Lake City and a convert of a year and a month! And just turned 19! Her and I are very similar and get on really well. She is the cutest and is an inspiration to me. She is the only member in her family and has such a pure and sweet testimony of the gospel. She is able to relate to investigators in a way I cannot. Her friends kept on sending the missionaries to her as a joke, and they finally got to her :) And how glad am I that they did and she is now serving with me in Bath. 

Blessings: From just Wednesday night to Sunday night we taught 18 lessons and have 5 new investigators! We have been working hard and having so much fun. I know good things are coming to Bath and I know the Lord tests our patience, but we have to continue to have the faith. Seriously it is always the last door or the last person we talk to before we go in. That happened last night when we had 30 minutes left and we really just wanted to teach a lesson and have a solid new investigator. It was 2 minutes before our time was up and we knocked my favorite color door, a periwinkle blue. We met and taught a lovely lady named Meg and are meeting with her next week. 

The Lord does bless us. I love the Mormon message about the father and his family trying to make it across the country and his car keeps breaking down. He talks about how some blessings come soon. Some come late. Some don't come until after this life. But, we know as faithful members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints they will come. 

The Lord really gives trainers extra help because everything I was struggling with has been able to improve so much and it is wonderful to start seeing my potential as a more capable and stronger missionary. He just needed to give me the trial so I could see what I am capable of doing. I have a lot of weakness and I rely on Him constantly, but that is what life is all about. The sooner we realize that, the less frustrated and more trusting we will be. I know this gospel is true with all my heart and can transform us into who we are meant to be.

I love you all so much. so so so so much.

Cheers and love,
Sister McLeod

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