Monday, September 23, 2013

Answered Prayers

Imi: So Heavenly Father really does answer prayers,but we just have to work hard and be patient. We have been trying so hard to find solid people to teach, and it was frustrating because it seemed like every return appointment we would go to would fall through. In our planning and prayers we strongly desired to find someone who is seeking the gospel. On Wednesday, we got a text from the office with a referral. We got the address and number of Imi saying she was inspired by the people of our church, and she wanted to learn more. We felt like it was right to go straight away and so we did. There have been joke referrals in the past, so when it was posh house, we were a bit skeptical, but right when we knocked Imi answered the door and was so eager and excited to see us. She is 18 and in her gap year before uni {university}. She is so COOL AND NORMAL! I feel like I know her from somewhere, but right away we got on and just started talking and shared the Restoration. She was scared it was going to be old people, and so I just know that is was all meant to be that Sister Chamberlain and I met her. She had been investigating the church on her own for about a year, and so we gave her the Book of Mormon (at church she said she read first 12 chapters) and invited her to church. She came, everyone loved her, and she enjoyed it. It was all meant to be that we were eating at the Pattersons after church because we invited her to come, and they got along so well! I feel so blessed to meet Imi. I feel blessed to be in Bath at this time. Blessed to be with Sister Chamberlain. Blessed to have the gospel in my life. Blessed with family and friends I love and pray for everyday. I know God love me, and I know He loves you so much.

Anti-Nephi-Lehies: Alma 24-26. I think this is the most poignant story of applying the Atonement in the Book of Mormon that touches me so much. I love everything about them. They were the Lamanite people converted to the Lord by Ammon and his brothers. These people love the Lord so much and have no desire to sin that they would rather die than slay another person. They bury their weapons. In fact as the armies are slaying them, their last moments are spent praising God knowing that they will be with Him because they have applied the Atonement in their lives and have clean and pure hearts. Their example cuts their enemies to the core and they stop after slaying a thousand Anti-Nephi-Lehies. It continues that their enemies who have just killed them are so touched by their example that more than those who were slain were converted unto the Lord that day. That example of not fighting with more fighting, but complete surrender of love to others and God was the only cure for the hatred of those people. And that story applies to us today. The only cure to contention and fighting is being humble enough to bury our weapons of pride and sin being changed by the Atonement of Jesus Christ by having true charity. I'm trying to do that everyday and I am seeing that I don't get as bothered anymore when people might be rude. I still love them, and I don't have a desire to hurt them, but just love them some more. I'm not perfect at it, and sometimes I think not the nicest thoughts in my head, but I know over time, over the course of my whole life, I can continue to learn to love more and more each and every day. It all comes down to love. I was reading in 1 Corinthians 13, and Paul is just saying how it profits a man nothing to do good things, but not to do those things with charity, the pure love of Christ.

I'm trying to love more, it's not always easy, but it is the only thing that can make us and God truly happy. I love you all and pray for your happiness:)

Love and Cheers,
Sister McLeod

Sister chamberlain and I enjoying alexandra park on p-day

Sister Cowley and I on exchanges enjoying my first fish and chips experience

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