Monday, September 30, 2013


Transfers: Crossing my fingers I stay in Bath. I will find out tonight, and my p-day or moving is on Wednesday, but we are allowed to e-mail a little bit today.

Hope: Even if things don't work out with some investigators, it is necessary to hope and get excited that the next person you meet will accept and apply the gospel in their lives and be baptised. You have to envision that with every investigator regardless of past experience. I don't want to be jaded from past experiences and I know the only way to do that is to look forward in faith to my Savior Jesus Christ. Not going to lie, I want to lead others to baptism SO BADLY. That is my purpose as a missionary here in England. We are going to find someone this transfer to baptise, we have set that goal and are so committed to doing all we can to show the Lord we are for realzzz. We are going to forget ourselves and go to work. It is the only intelligent way to approach missionary work.

University Students: Uni is back in session and we are pumped! Bath Spa University is here and so there are students flocking everywhere and we have some really good potentials. I love talking to people my own age because I can relate to them and they are usually much more open to talk. Plus 3 mormon uni students came into our ward so that is awesome. One of them, Rachael, is from Palo Alto (so excited to talk with someone from the Bay Area, man i just love my homeland so much) and getting her masters here. She is awesome to say the least. She served in a mission in Argentina and already has come on 2 teaches with us.

Making People Think: That is what I love most about being a missionary. Talking to people and asking them questions and seeing their mind search for the answer. I absolutely LOVE talking to atheists, which is like most everyone here. It is so interesting, I used to be so scared of them and I didn't know what to say to them, but it is amazing how the spirit works through you to know what to say. For example, yesterday we met a uni student named Guy. He was an atheist (but the type that you could tell was still searching for answers about God) and even played a part in the Book of Mormon musical, and a total Jack the lad (term for a popular, confident type of guy) so you just know it was a fun convo already. We started talking to him for a bit and completely blew away all of the stereotypes of an American and a mormon. I could see it took him back that every question he had we could answer with confidence and assurance. We then parted and we continued knocking, and then he came back! I love how I could tell he was thinking about what we had talked about because he was like okay I have 2 questions. We continued talking for about 30 minutes and it ended with him wanting to read the Book of Mormon. Still skeptical of course, but he was so intrigued. I just know one day, he is going to join because this church is God's church and is so true. It just makes sense. It gets truer and truer every day as people challenge what I believe in. I am continually asking God questions and asking for the help I need to overcome weaknesses. But He never lets me down and is always there to strengthen me. 

General Conference: So I never realised how being in similar time zones to Utah was a blessing for General Conference. Because of the time difference in England, and that we would have to travel to Bristol to see it, we are trying to go to members homes to see some sessions at funky times. We are not sure how it all works out so we will let you know next p-day. But to say the least, I AM PUMPED TO HEAR THE PROPHET AND HIS APOSTLES. Like really, it is the best think ever to have modern revelation.

Love and cheers, 
Sister McLeod

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