Monday, September 16, 2013


Exchange: So dreams do come true. Sister Cowley was my best bud and roommate in the MTC {Missionary Training Center}, and both our companions went to the London mission. We sat next to each other on the bus on our way to Staines from the MTC both wondering where we would go and who our trainers would be, what our fears would be and what not. I remember at one of the pit stops we got out and we just wanted to go talk to people about the gospel, but we were just hesitant and nervous. It was like the MTC was our zoo, and we were being introduced to the real habitat we belonged to and we were confused what to do. Haha. Well when we got to Staines, we got our areas and she and I were the only ones to go to the Bristol zone and we have seen each other at every zone training and conference. We talked about how we wondered if we would ever serve together, and so sure enough we got to for a day this week! There is a sister training leader in every zone right now. The goal for the future is to have 2 serving together with a car. So right now Sister Cowley is with Sister Pitcher, who is the sister training leader for the Bristol Zone and they go on exchanges with each sister companionship in the zone (There are 4 them). Exchanges are a 24-hour period where you switch companions and areas, so I got to go to Bridgewater (1 hour 30 min) car ride with Sister Cowley and Sister Pitcher came to Bath. Man I was so excited, and it was so good to talk to Sister Cowley. We are always struggling with the same things everytime we see each other so it was so fun and good to serve with her for a day and see how far we have both come since the MTC. We talked to everyone without a fear and taught some great people. I just love how the mission is refining, pushing, and changing us for the better. We both agreed we are working hard, but feel like we need to give our hearts more completely to the Lord. So until Sister Cowley and I meet again, we will discuss how we are doing as missionaries. Anyway, such a great day. 

Terms of Endearment: Okay so everyone in their texts ends with x's. Example: Okay that sounds good, take care. xx. I just started doing it too haha, but then I finally asked one of the members one day, and she had never heard of xoxo or o's being hugs. So they stick to kisses here in England. Oh and they call hugs here cuddles. Just so endearing right? And I absolutely love how people always say love, like hello my love, take care love, it makes me feel loved! By the way, my comp's and I pump up song everyday is "You are Loved" by Josh Groban. If you are ever feeling down, just put it on repeat, works like a champ. 

Dinner Appointments: So the ward is so awesome. We have 4-6 DA's {Dinner Appointments} every week so we don't have to make too much food. Since the ward is divided with a lot of the strong members in the elder's area, we don't get to see them too much, but the Relief Society president who is the coolest had 2 daughters who kept on insisting we come over for a dinner. They kept complaining that they always had to have the boys come, and they wanted the girlies - hahaha. Their family is the cutest and funniest and reminds me of all my siblings cute, young, and strong families. So we asked the zone leaders, and it ended up being a big dinner with the elders, the recent converts, and us. It seriously felt like Thanksgiving and it was so fun. Just felt like one big family. The little girls, who are 4 and 6 definitely got their girl time and it was so great to be there with everyone and share a big spiritual thought with the elders. And we got to serve in Calne for like an hour and a half before the dinner, and it was so fun to look for people to pass over to the elders. We found one really cool woman and talked this group of like 10 teenager punks, it was the best. 

Weather: What the heck!? Once it hit September it just decided to get cold. It is manageable cold right now, but the members keep telling me I am going to freeze later on. But I refuse to be scared about it. Can't be bothered. K but funny experience, it was down pouring one day while we were walking back home and all of a sudden, a car splashed in this huge puddle and I was completely drenched from head to foot. I just screamed of shock and just started laughing. I took one for the team since I protected my Sister Chamberlain from it. I'm sure there will be many more experiences like that here, but thankfully we were headed home anyway.

Work: We are continuing to find more people. We are still teaching Sujata and a family, but are just building and building. We are going to be super positive this week and have the goal to baptize everyone! Haha, you know that youtube video about the little girl in the mirror saying "I love my mommy, I love my life, I love everything, etc. Well Sister Chamberlain do that everyday as well. I know there are people here in Bath being prepared, we just got to find them!

I love you all!
Love and Cheers!
Sister McLeod

I believe this is the video Mackenzie is talking about...

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