Monday, September 9, 2013


Teeth: If you want to boost your confidence about your smile, come to England. Seriously a couple of times a day people will just stop in the middle of our discussion and ask us how we have such white and straight teeth. So I have grown to be more grateful for my parents, American culture, my dentist, and my orthodontist for helping me take care of my teeth! 

Knocking: Seriously we knocked the most poshest of poshest houses for hours on end one day because they need to hear the gospel.  It was actually quite fun and hopeful because each one I just thought of the potential they could do for good. Well not one of them were interested, but we enjoyed our day as we critiqued  architecture, doors, gardens, doorbells, doorbell knockers, robot danced, thought of an interpretive dance routine of the Book of Mormon, and what not. You kind of go a little crazy after doing it for awhile so it was fun to laugh with Sister Chamberlain about random things. You have to do that on the mission and just in life. Always focusing on the positive even if you may appear to be in a not so good situation. It is all about choosing to be happy. 

Stress: So I was a bit of a stress case in high school about grades and school and all that stuff and so when I went to BYU Hawaii it was a blessing to unstress me out. Don't get me wrong it is still good to have a that stress to push you forward to work hard to achieve your goals, but I'm talking about the unnecessary things you do not need to stress about. So my high school self crept up yesterday at church. I checked the phone like every other minute worrying about our investigators. I know last week I wrote about how busy church can be, but yesterday it got to the point where I was not doing myself or anyone any good. It then crept into our dinner appointment that lasted a little bit too longer than it should have. So then I got stressed about not being exactly obedient. Then I forgot my bus pass so we had to go all the way home to get it, where it turned out I could not find it anywhere. So the stress kept building and building. One little thing after the other, until my sweet companion just said forget your bus pass, let's go somewhere else today. And I knew that is exactly what I had to do to get out of my stress-funk. Forget yourself and go testify of the truth of the gospel. And so that is what we did. And guess what the first hour of knocking, people were mean and all atheists (like the norm here), but man it felt so good to say simple truths like I know there is a God. I know Heavenly Father loves us and has a plan for our families. I know we can communicate to God through prayer. I know the Book of Mormon is the work of God. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. There was one man in particular that just went OFF about saying there is no God about 10 times and saying how we need to rethink our lives and get out of the bubble we are living in. All I said after he was done ranting was, I know there is a God, I hope you have a great day. Man, I felt the Spirit so strongly from that simple sentence. I am grateful for the opposition in life, to understand how true the gospel really is. But don't worry after an hour of knocking this one street, we felt like we should go to this other one and BAM we met 3 new people we are going back to teaching this week! The ishness of feeling stressed was definitely cured. Even if we didn't meet those 3 people, just testfying of God and truth made me feel so happy and at ease in life. It just puts life into perspective!

Indians: I want to hug every person from India every day, they are just so nice. Sujata is progressing and has come to church 3 times and is praying specifically about a baptismal date. She is growing so much closer to God and she feels it and knows how big of a step of it is for her. Seriosuly after teaching her this week, we just get so pumped and are so happy for her. She brought her friend Kumari to learn as well so we are just loving it! And getting the best Indian food evaaaaaa! 

Sister Chamberlain: is a boss! I love her so much, we have a lot of fun together. She is so solid and an inspiration to me. And she is just the cutest. 

Be happy, life is good. It's all about using our agency to do good and be good.  I love you all, the gospel keeps getting truer and truer even though everyone here seems to love telling me it is not. It still is :)

Love and Cheers,
Sister McLeod

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