Monday, August 25, 2014

Baptism, Transfers, Creativity, & P-day Fun

Mike's Baptism: My favourite part of mike getting baptised and confirmed was when he bore his own testimony right before. It was simple, beautiful, pure, and filled the room with the Spirit. He has progressed so much in just 2 months and he is so happy to be apart of the church. He bought a new suit and looked so sharpe and full of light. We were able to teach Mike at the Gernettis a couple of times (this awesome Italian couple with the cutest little baby) and Filipo was able to baptise him and another member who we love Ian Lever confirmed him on Sunday. A lot of members were able to come and support him and it was just a beautiful note to end the transfers on.
 Filipo and Mike
Transfers: I just love seeing missionaries faces when we see President Millar calling. It's this feeling of excitement and nervousness. Sister Sargsyan is moving to Guilford to be with SISTER CHAMBERLAIN!!! so two of my daughters will be serving together :) and I will be serving with my granddaughter SISTER BARNES!!! who sister Chamberlain trained. Funny how it is a little family ordeal. Sister Barnes is from Wyoming and so I am stoked to be with her. I have a really good feeling about these moves and even happier I get to see Sister Chamberlain at MLC because she just got called to be a sister training leader. I haven't seen her forever and I'm going to scream when I see her. Tuesday night will be like a slumber party because 8 sisters are staying at our flat because moves in the morning are always crazy with different cars going to different places and swapping.

Creative Finding: I went on exchanges with Sister Maddocks in Salisbury and it was such a lovely time. She is the sweetest person ever and we sang to people I am a Child of God on her little ukelele and everyone just loved it. She sounds like Ingrid Michaelson and oh how I wish I had musical talent. With Sister Sargsyan we went and chalked the plan of Salvation in 2  different areas. One was short lived because we got yelled out and said we were vandalising the place and would be reported, but the other place was super cool with it when we asked the police officer. Many people came up and asked us questions and we were able to get a lot of return appointments. Even today 2 guys came up and said were you the ones who were writing on the street and we had a good little gospel chat. We taught a lesson for FHE on thursday and simulated the tree of life by acting it out. Our iron rod was gardening tool of some sort and our tree of life was a christmas tree with lights we found in the chapel. Missionary work is so much more enjoyable when you start to think different ways to share the gospel.  
Sister Maddox

P-day: One man in our stake is super nice and has a ton of land and a huge house and so all of our zone (or the ones that could travel there reasonably) went there last p-day. It was so much fun. We played volleyball and he even has a pond to go fishing in. And finally I can send loads of pictures that I have been meaning to send out for a couple of weeks.  

P-day fun! Sister Walmsley, the one from a couple weeks ago I went on exchanges with and love so dearly.
Bournemouth elders and us - man I love them so much. Elder Yu is from China and is hilarious and Elder Bradshaw is from Utah and the nicest person ever.

Cutest little girl Eliza I am in love with

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