Monday, September 1, 2014

The Spirit

Sister Barnes: is Godsent. Seriously I love her so much and I definitely needed her at this moment in time on my mission. I love training new missionaries, but it is really nice to have a break from it to be honest. She is very similar to Sister Chamberlain and we are finding so much happiness teaching and finding with the Spirit, but also dying of laughter at times. She is hilarious, and I don't know what it is about American girl humour, but I have sure missed it.

MLC: This was one of the most spiritual experiences on mission. This missionary leadership counsel in the past has been more of people giving presentations and listening, but this time it was all about participating and counseling together as a mission. It was amazing to hear everyone's ideas about what the next steps forward are for the misssion, what are our weaknesses, and what we need to change. This month was the highest baptising month for years and our mission is almost double of what it was last year, but we felt some things needed to change to continue and increase the Lord's work. A lot of things were talked about and there will be a lot of changes, but they are necessary for becoming more Christlike missionaries. Lately there have been a lot of emphasis on numbers, and everyone kept saying that they feel the Spirit, the quality, and mentality needs to be more focused on ministering to people, not fulfilling a quota. The Spirit was so strong and we all kneeled together in prayer and most of us were in tears. I can't describe it, but we felt so much unity together and with the Lord. It reawakened a part of me that I felt was missing lately as I was doing "missionary things" and going through the motions at times. I felt empowered to seek personal revelation for Bournemouth and what the people need here. It was simply amazing, and taught me so many things. I love that we learn the most as we share experiences and thoughts with one another.

Spirit: hit me like a ton of bricks. Sister Barnes and I have been really focusing on making things more personal to people we meet on the street and in our teaches. There are so many experiences this week, but I'll share something that happened yesterday that I will never forget. We were teaching a man named Matthew who is from Iran and converted to Christianity in 2009 with the cutest member in the world Dezeli (who is from Brazil and reminds me of Silvia's mom-random fyi). When we were teaching him the Restoration we got to sharing about Joseph Smith and the First vision. I shared in Joseph Smith's own words recounting the experience and you could feel he was hanging onto every word I spoke and he said after that he had never felt something like this before in a Christian church before and he was speechless. It is hard to explain feelings and moments on your mission, but I am so grateful to be able to share this truth that Jospeh Smith really has restored Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father's truth to this Earth. I know this gospel of Jesus Christ is true. 

Mike and Cliff: Mike is who just got baptized last week and Cliff is a returning less active and they received the priesthood! So amazing to be feel and be apart of :) 2 more worthy men on this earth who will bless the lives of so many.

I am just so happy and so grateful or everything right now. I love you all so much.


Sister O'brien, Mongare, and Barnes and me spending the night in Winchester before MLC

Me just loving Sister Chamberlain so much

Sister Mongare has the lonogest hair ever!!!!

 Sister O'Brien showed me Winchester cathedral just near the flat and the house that Jane Austin died in. She was buried in the cathedral fun fact! 
Sister Barnes and I

Sister Godard and I reuniting for a second. She was companions with Sister Barnes on the Isle of Wight and so this was at the train station. It was the last time I'll see her on the mission too because she is going home this next transfer too.

This is a pic of the elders and sisters who came out at the same time at MLC. Best group ever!!!!!!!  

Sister O'brien and I - she is going home this transfer and is the cutest person ever!

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