Monday, September 8, 2014

Giant Spider!

Cookies Soften Hearts: I love it is the small acts of kindness that really make the biggest difference in the long run. A woman in the ward is trying to share the gospel with her neighbor and she has been going through a rough time and we thought it would be good to get some cookies and drop them by with a note and our number if she needed help. We have met her a couple of times, and a couple hours later she texted us saying how much she appreciated that and wants us to come around. Missionary work is about the small and simple things done with great love.

Harry: Is HILA|RIOUS and golden. He is obsessed with the Osmond's and prays to be baptised every lesson and loved church and already talking about being apart of it. He met sisters 22 years ago, but feel like now is the time.

Matthew: I feel the Spirit so much as we are teaching him because he is already applying it into his life as we teach. We were talking about missionary work and being baptised for loved ones who have past on and he teared up thinking how he would be able to do that for his brother who never was able to hear about Jesus because he lived in Iran. He is already calling it our church. 

Spider: Sister Barnes already explained it to her family so I'm just quoting it from her. "Let's actually start with the fact that I went all crocodile Dundee on this giant spider in our flippin flat!!!! I don't even know if the picture does it justice!! Sister McLeod just came running into the kitchen screaming saying come quick I've never seen a bug this big in my life!! And I'm just think, ooo a big bug, huh, thinking it would be like a strangely large beetle or something! WRONG! Giant spider straight out of Harry Potter world! Not gonna lie I screamed periodically through the whole process! But at one point I was trying to get it to climb back up the wall and so I like kinda poked this screw driver at it and it jumped on my family picture and so then business got real because I yelled get off my family you creep!! And it listened and I poked near it again, but this time with a mop (the screw driver was to close for comfort for me after I found out its impressive jumping abilities!) Anyways I finally got a bowl over it and then on to paper like ya do and then I ran across the street and threw the bowl and watched it scurry back to the forbidden forest!!" Seriously I am not even scared of spiders, but that thing was massive...see picture.

Life is Wonderful. I love Sister Barnes so much. We went to pretty places near our area on P-day with the cutest older couple in our ward. :) Love you all so much!

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